Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eeshwar Allah......

Ishwar Allah Tere Jahan Mein Nafrat Kyon Hai Jung Hai Kyon
Oh God why is there so much of hatred and so many wars in your world?

Tera Dil To Itna Bada Hai Insaan Ka Dil Tang Hai Kyon
Your heart is so big...then why is a human heart so small....

Kadam Kadam Par Sarhad Kyon Hai Saari Zameen Jo Teri Hai
Why at every step there borders on the land of yours
Sooraj Ke Pehre Dharti Hai Phir Kyon Itni Andheri Hai
Sun is sheilding the Earth.....then why is so much of darkness here.

Is Duniya Ke Daaman Par Insaan Ke Lahoo Ka Rang Hai Kyon
Why is the world concealed with human blood?Link


Goonj Rahi Kitni Cheekhein Pyaar Ki Baatein kaun Sunein
Cries of despair echo.... who will hear the cry of love
Toot Rahe Hain Kitne Sapne Inke Tukde Kaun Chune
So many dreams are broken.... who will put them together

Dil Ke Darwaazon Par Taaley Taalon Par Zank Hai Kyon
Doors of the heart are locked ..and why is there rust on those doors

It's not about india alone........It's about the world.  
the song says it in full......I have nothing more to say...........
except that this brought me tears.....
but tears won't help.....what will help is the inner be non-violent......:)