Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Worst day Of My Life!!!!!!!!!!

The day was yesterday. You all might think I was there commenting on your blogs and doing all as I do usually, ..... that was a way of escapism.
what happened was I came online at 2:30 noon yesterday and checked my mail and then went to a famous news site of course, an Indian one. I just typed in "Kandhmal Violence" and an article came up. I scrolled down and went on to read the comments.
As soon as I read the first comment I was in tears. I did not know why they feel like that, they called Christians ..foreigners. I just couldn't take that. Specially a person like me who loves her country so much that she gets tears of happiness in her eyes when the National Anthem is played.
When we go to any foreign country we are called foreigners there and in India also we are called so.
I have often seen when the media covers the Christmas celebrations and so on they show everything as done in Europe. We Indians also have a way to celebrate it.
Many people have wrong conceptions that we kiss right in the church during marriage.
Do come and see a Christian marriage in kerala you would get it.
I don't say that I am against it but I do say why are we criticized of the thing we don't do.
I couldn't sleep yesterday. My dad and mom sat beside my bed and I was so in tears that I couldn't even answer them.
I thought we Indians are the examples of love and brotherhood, but now I feel we are in so much enmity with each other that we don't even hesitate to kill.
The only thing I would like to appeal to all of you is please think when you do something against someone. Please calm down a bit and let your brain act not your heart. Why make a thing like Religion a means of fight. Why to do so?

ps:) this was an honest appeal towards all Indians.
This post's motive is not to raise any communal fight out here in the blogs ville.
Please let me know if any part of my post hurts you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Complete man"........!!!!

So "the complete man".... who is he? The famous set of ads of Raymonds always has these words "the complete man" with its every ad.
Now what does that mean? Does this mean a macho man... a man with strong muscular body, a man who never cries, a man who never expresses his emotions?..... No, it doesn't mean that at all... now lets see the example of a Raymond add....(plot) two men coming back from office suddenly a football comes in front of them both of them go and play with the children and both do it very well. But while returning back the Raymonds fellow becomes popular with the children while the other one is not. This shows the emotional side of the man. Thus it says that this is the real complete man.
What I am actually trying to say through this example is that being a man is not only being muscular but also being a person who is capable to show his emotional side.
Now comes the awful things which men have to face in society.
An ordinary man doesn't cry at all instead suppresses his emotions...why? because of the fear of being insulted.

If a man does all the cooking at home and wife goes and earns then that family specially that man would be insulted like anything. Aren't the husband/wife equals can't the wife earn and husband cook? Again comes stupid and wrong notions of people.

Then in my own native state(Kerala) I have seen this that if men don't keep mustache then you find the them being looked down upon.Not everywhere in Kerala but in some places. And so many people tend to keep mustaches even if they look ugly. Even my cousin wanted to marry a man who has mustache as she believed that mustache means manly huh!!

In Rajasthan I see parents telling their boys don't be like girls don't be scared. Don't help your wife in household works. Even this does not exist everywhere in Rajasthan.

I believe that "the complete man" is the true man and the so called macho man is handicapped without being able to express his emotions.

Isn't the fact another awful thing which exists in our society...?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rape .... a discussion!!!!

Rape ...what is it? It is just having a forced sexual intercourse with a girl. No. It is not it is actually more a mental harassment than a physical one. Now why am I saying like this. So let me make it clear to you ..... so, rape first of all the girl who is raped is not mentally very fine she feels very sad that someone used her. So over that what do people do ..... they say all sorts of things like
"she must have attracted that boy, this had to happen because she was such a girl all her friends were boys Kya ek acche ghar ki ladki ko ye sab shobha deta hai ( does a girl of a good family indulge in all this)". You must have seen in documentaries, films and don't please think filmy world is all fake.
Actually to say that the man is wrong is also not correct as everybody gets attracted to the forbidden fruit.
And since here girls are not so so outspoken and so so i call the girls the forbidden fruit.
Don't we need a culture where the male population lives in such a situations where they have the ability to suppress the inner desire of wrong. I don't say all males are not able to do so but those who are not it is for them.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Independence day!!

A very happy Independence Day to you India.
Today is the 62nd Independence Day.
Rejoice all….. be happy not for one single day but for all the days from now.
On this day in 1947 we got independence from the foreign rule.
Do we really know the value of this day or we just count it as one of our holidays.
Do we listen to what the president speaks on this day.
Many people don’t even know how much freedom we enjoy.
Do we have to think twice to give our opinion in public?
Do we have not right to move freely around in the society without someone putting barriers.
Do we have to take permission from somebody to buy something?
Don’t we have the right to support the authority we like?
We have so many privileges so many beautiful things here in our Country.
But do we value them.
Today what we have to do is to value them ....learn to value them
Take inspiration from those selfless leaders who did not even consider their lives important for the sake of an Independent India.
....Let the gossip session of women turn into a session which discusses about the country.
Let the new generation try to work for India itself. Rather considering it a pride to work for other countries.
All the government employees try to reach office on time.
Try not to give or take bribes.
Try not to encourage against crime.
Try to respect the national flag not only at a surface level but at real depth.
A very happy Independence day to all once again.
Try to at least accomplish any one of these till the next Independence Day.


Jana Gana Mana (Indian National Song) Thou Art the Ruler of All - The best video clips are right here

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Please...... take my daughter....... I'll pay for it!!!!

So marriages brings a glow to a family. With all sorts of decorations and all we all feel happy at those times. But the biggest agony of girl's parents during the marriages is dowry.

The girl's family works hard to make arrangements. The girl's family is often seen with their heads down in front of the boys family. Then if any arrangement, any, like food, decoration etc has some little fault in it then they are often rebuked and insulted by the boy's family. After all they are the boy's family they can do anything huh! .... collars high.
Its a shame that we have different status for both the families. Just being a boy's family is enough.... an honour is attached to it. WHY??? It is a big shame for the rich Indian culture.Huh!
Even after the girl's family is the one sending their daughter the important member of their family to the boy's house why are they the ones to pay the dowry????
Is it like a price given to keep garbage at someone's house?
I know this custom started as a good means to give a share of the family property to the daughter.
But now what is its relevance when girls have to be legally given a share of the family property. It should be hers not his and his family's.
I have heard of some people who don't educate their daughter's just to save money for dowry and what happens is if there is some tension between the husband and wife then wife is always the one to compromise because she is at his mercy. she cannot go back parents won't accept.
I don't really know when will this end.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Title of this blog will resume after the Independence day.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Apparent Depth !!!!!!

Many people believe that if a person is smiling and joking then that person is superficial and if a person is serious and always rude then that person has some depth.

.....When KBC part 3 came on tv then many said "what is this Shahrukh Khan is just joking and just wasting time and is not like big B who used to be serious all this is western impact". Without denying the fact that Big B wasn't superficial I would say even if SRK was a little more joking and smiling he was also not superficial. Those who have seen the show very well know how many serious things he spoke in that joking mood.
Now my point is though both of them went on different ways but they both were very serious hosts their own ways.
I am saying this because I have seen many people who look serious but are really superficial.
So its really really wrong to associate depth with seriousness. As our actions are which tell us whether we are superficial or not and not what we pretend to be or what we show others.