Thursday, December 25, 2008 a DRAMA..HUH ..!!

Some time ago in a religious place...2 no attention to what is said or done there...just worried about their..clothes.

What kind of a belief is that?

Its better not to go to any religious place .... I don't think that such a devotion is of any use...I just can't take people who just go to any temple mosque or church just as a fulfillment of a ritual.

I have also seen people who believe just by going to such places or by doing certain rituals you are close to GOD....

Then you can do all kinds of injustice what the hell!!

Any way ...I don't find it correct ...

Ps:) This is my 50th would like to thank all my make it possible.....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I love my state...and so all states are my state ..huh!

So today I am discussing something which really can make you ponder....

I would ask you all a question...

All places in India suppose..becomes one..I mean if for example all the states become like any one state then what would be the situation?

Here I see many people who want to make this place as their native state...they still eat the specialties of their place they wear what they used to in their native states..huh!

I am not saying that when you go to live in a different place you need to forget your native state once in a while you can have all like you have it at your place but not always...

what do you think in this aspect??

Friday, December 5, 2008

The useless HOCH* POCH* !!

My purpose is to discuss things which I really can't take...huh!

The latest and of course the most important issue now is about the terror attack on 26th of Nov

See I completely agree that...the Govt is at fault.

But..then what comes to my mind when I see people blaming is...the death of Hemanth Karkare and Ashok Kamat..

One of the news channels brought out that the Bullet proof jackets supplied to them were of very poor quality....

IS IT NOT..more corruption..than The GOVT's fault...?????

If the people themselves don't have the conscience and fill their pockets illegally then what can any party in power do..

These days the main news is the people's protest over the issue...

very good!!...the government is getting pinched every now and then...but then again...I heard many angry comments..from people..

Anger is not the only anything..instead the terrorists would take benefit of the adrenaline Hike up..and also nothing constructive would happen....

I am not for any party...I really am not...but I also believe that expression of anger and usage impolite phrases can just become a breaking news in media but not a stepping stone to the change of system of the country.

What do ya' think??

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love you but can't marry you..sorry!!

After seeing the title you all might surely think that this is about how people get cheated in love.
No it is not.. you all have misunderstood it completely..

So let me proceed with what it really is...

You must have seen in films that the hero and the heroine have to face so many obstacles to marry their love...but at last they do you think it happens in real life? No it doesn't really doesn't.

As we all know that love just happens its kind of out of our consciousness...I know here I sound stupid...but isn't that the truth....

what I am trying to say is people fall in luv..many do..but does the society accept them if they aren't of the same caste and same religion and many other bloody similarities...It sounds a bit idiotic to me that when two people are in love then why the hell are they stopped to marry...

The beautiful feeling becomes a curse for all...ah! in that case we should all fall in love only after knowing the details of the person.....why don't people look for a nice human being rather than looking for the person of same caste or religion...

I don't think God has any problem if people of two different castes marry

Most awful!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Parents slaves..we slaves...huh!

These days we usually see that when kids grow up and start earning..or are married.they just want their parents to be at any old age home...Its very very bad ..but the young generation has no feelings for them they just mind their own business..and think that its better that one or two members are less...they save money.....have such people ever thought that if their parents thought like them then they would have been be no where.. Ahh!! I sound too unpractical na?? huh!

But that is not my issue has two sides ..

I say that parents should be respected and loved ..but do you think we should be slaves...

Yes I have seen homes where even after the kids have grown up..all the decisions are taken by the grandfather and he's still the head of the family..yes he is..but I really feel that the grandparents should now leave the household responsibilities to their children.

you can put forth your opinions too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Characterless ... Men??

We all know that a woman’s character is a widely discussed topic…
In such discussions we do come up with some ridiculous answers …

But today my discussion is not going to be about women…

This post comes up as an aftermath of the discussion I had with my friends yesterday…

We were just asking each other about the favorite actor (male) and actor (fem).

This is an ordinary question…I asked one of ma college mates…who’re her dad’s favorite actors (male and fem).

She answered the male actor question saying its Amitabh Bacchan…but for the female she said my dad isn’t like that…

I can’t really understand such concepts… liking a female actor…does it make u loose character?

What I feel about this issue is…the dad is very much like that…that is why he’s hiding such stuffs and not revealing this to his kids.

What do You think…?

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Purity...

I have seen many times in front of my eyes but never understood the reason behind this issue of mine.

Let me share with you all one of my experiences on this issue.

A friend of mine was being constantly asked for friendship by a boy of my class. She also wanted to be his friend as she thought he was a very good boy, but… I don’t know what stopped her from accepting the offer.
Anyway this was her own choice I don’t blame her for that, but I do blame her for the thing she did after that...she went to him the very next day and tied him a Rakhi.

I really respect the relationship between a brother and sister it is one of the purest and the sweetest relationships between a boy and a girl, but I do think that the relationship of friendship between a boy and a girl is also one of the purest relationships we have on this Earth.

Why should we always search for purity in a brother-sister relationship,Is that not a wrong notion of ours?

Don’t friendships have the same sweetness and purity that is found in a brother sister relationship.

Why this pretension and mix up?

Please think it out...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Marriage ...the legal stamp...huh!!

This is going to be a very sensitive topic and I know that many of my readers won't agree to it at all...

Marriages are made in heaven....see I am not going to talk about the heavenly things now.

Hmm we always have heard about forced intercourse with a woman..but we never think that married woman too are forced to have sex....

Is this not also a kind of rape...

Many women are forced to have sex.

Those who force their wives into sex ..don't they have to be called animals..

or marriage gives legalization to every such husband....

Just because someone is your wife can you treat her like a thing ...a sex it the only purpose for which people marry...
is there no emotional and mental interaction...

Have ur say...

I am ready to take up any good constructive argument...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ban Mobiles ......huh!!

The old times have gone and we have changed a lot. With the advancement of technology we have got many good facilities and some really bad effects have also come up.

I am talking about mobile phones . Its a thing without which many cannot live even.

But I am not going to talk about this attachment which has turned to slavery.

Rather I will talk about is the most modern crime..(at least according to me).

These days we see specially in Colleges and Senior Schools that boys take pics of girls and swap it with some other pics. This later on goes to the internet and then what... the girl's life is gone. Is it gone? No, u r mistaken tat's not the issue.

So what happens many people who personally use mobile and such different new things brought out by science and technology say all crap about it.

I recently heard many of my friends saying that mobile should be banned.

Just because people take pics and put it on internet is it necessary to ban mobile which has many more important uses.

The thing is when they see such pics on the net why don't they just think " oh! sum fool must have done it" Sounds funny but it has sense.

Why to take the big step as banning mobiles huh!

I don't understand this.....the perspective is very wrong.

What do u think can be done?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Ideal!!

Today is October 2nd. The birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. I hope you all remember this day.

These days we see that many of the Indians feel proud to say that they don't know who Gandhi ji is.

I just hope that such people may recognize the real value and status of Gandhi ji.

I believe in many of his ideals and follow them too.

I hope you all also follow his ideals.

Please think what are we doing. India is so lucky to have such a man whom the whole world respects but do we value him?

Just a big question to ponder. Think it out.

I am not going to put up a long post but just wish that let many more such great men be born.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The post P&P factor got deleted by itself. I guess its some admin problems.
sorry for the inconvenience.
I will put a post as soon as possible.
And a big sorry to the those who had commented on this post.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I want your opinion .....

As my every post this one too will have an incident attached with it. As all my posts are based on what I see in my day to day life and not just what I hear or read in the news.

This happened sometime ago may be about a year or so. The thing is some of the rowdies at our place troubled one of my classmates. They passed some comments on her. She as any other ordinary girl didn't pay much of a heed to it. Even I would do that. But the thing that she did not scold or say anything to the boys wasn't much liked by one of my other friend's parent(father). He actually came to know about the incident from his daughter(my other friend).

The very next day I saw this girl(the father's daughter) was no more in conversation with the other girl(the so called victim).

I was surprised... as they were pretty good friends!

I asked her for the reason. She told me "when I told my dad about the incident he advised me to be away from the company of such girls" What does this such girls mean?

Now from the background which I come has never taught me to be as such so I was literally taken aback.

Can you all please tell me some reasons for why this happens and be sure that you all put up both sides impartially. As I believe truth can't be found out unless you know all the concerned aspects.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Valuable Award!!!!

Hey all I have exams that's why I won't be available for a few days .
This post is about another award i got.
Thanks to Vishesh for such a sweet award. Liked it simply.
Here's it**

So now its my turn to pass on I pass on to

1. Saranya

2. Aneesh

3. Prashant

4. Hemanth

5. Neha(joie)

6. Smriti

7. Nithin(kochu)

8. Pooja

9. Anwesa



Friday, September 5, 2008

Sex, Marriage & AIDS!!!!

Today's post is aimed to convey an important message through things mainly responsible for it.
The reason for this post is a phone call from one of my very close friends from Jaipur.
She rang me up two three days ago asking me for some serious advice.
She said that she has a friend I mean a classmate who is deeply in love with some boy and wants to marry him.
The question here is certainly not about the marriageable age.
The question is not completely about leaving such good opportunities of career and such a bright future and making marriage an important issue.
And my question is also not about the absence of maturity needed for a marriage.
And again I would say the question is not also about it being real love or just a mere infatuation.
The question is about AIDS.
You might think how do I connect marriage at a young age and AIDS.
How is this possible that the people of my age group become mature enough to abstain from sex even after marriage. Are they mature enough to know about condoms? Are they mature enough to decide that they have to do an HIV test before submitting themselves to the relationship.
I have seen many of my friends don't have sufficient knowledge about sex... a teenager should have.
Its really awful that we ...I mean the class of people who mainly indulge in early marriages abstain from talking about the issue openly.
I have seen when in biology classes the chapter reproduction is taught teachers also don't find it difficult to explain certain facts.
And of course at homes parents just don't answer to child's queries on the topic.
All these are small reasons which ultimately lead to more amount of people having AIDS.
Why are we making mistakes after mistakes on such serious issues.
Another shocking fact is many of the people belonging to educated class the so called modern class don't even care to do an HIV test before marriage.
They are often busy in matching stars and what heavenly bodies depict about the relationship and financial status equality and so on.
First handle what is on the Earth then go after the universe!!
Huh! then what is the use of superficial modernity.
After all modernity is not in wearing short clothes... wat say?

This post was meant to convey a lot a whole lot!
I hope I have played my part but now it is your turn to please watch the following video and pass on your very valuable comments to me and all who pass by.

Ps:-)The video is about an unfaithful husband.
No its not completely related to my post but has a good message in it. please do watch.

ps:)well I am sorry for the error out there i mentioned the boys age as 18.
and thanx to vishesh for kind of reminding me with his comment. The error is corrected now.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Worst day Of My Life!!!!!!!!!!

The day was yesterday. You all might think I was there commenting on your blogs and doing all as I do usually, ..... that was a way of escapism.
what happened was I came online at 2:30 noon yesterday and checked my mail and then went to a famous news site of course, an Indian one. I just typed in "Kandhmal Violence" and an article came up. I scrolled down and went on to read the comments.
As soon as I read the first comment I was in tears. I did not know why they feel like that, they called Christians ..foreigners. I just couldn't take that. Specially a person like me who loves her country so much that she gets tears of happiness in her eyes when the National Anthem is played.
When we go to any foreign country we are called foreigners there and in India also we are called so.
I have often seen when the media covers the Christmas celebrations and so on they show everything as done in Europe. We Indians also have a way to celebrate it.
Many people have wrong conceptions that we kiss right in the church during marriage.
Do come and see a Christian marriage in kerala you would get it.
I don't say that I am against it but I do say why are we criticized of the thing we don't do.
I couldn't sleep yesterday. My dad and mom sat beside my bed and I was so in tears that I couldn't even answer them.
I thought we Indians are the examples of love and brotherhood, but now I feel we are in so much enmity with each other that we don't even hesitate to kill.
The only thing I would like to appeal to all of you is please think when you do something against someone. Please calm down a bit and let your brain act not your heart. Why make a thing like Religion a means of fight. Why to do so?

ps:) this was an honest appeal towards all Indians.
This post's motive is not to raise any communal fight out here in the blogs ville.
Please let me know if any part of my post hurts you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Complete man"........!!!!

So "the complete man".... who is he? The famous set of ads of Raymonds always has these words "the complete man" with its every ad.
Now what does that mean? Does this mean a macho man... a man with strong muscular body, a man who never cries, a man who never expresses his emotions?..... No, it doesn't mean that at all... now lets see the example of a Raymond add....(plot) two men coming back from office suddenly a football comes in front of them both of them go and play with the children and both do it very well. But while returning back the Raymonds fellow becomes popular with the children while the other one is not. This shows the emotional side of the man. Thus it says that this is the real complete man.
What I am actually trying to say through this example is that being a man is not only being muscular but also being a person who is capable to show his emotional side.
Now comes the awful things which men have to face in society.
An ordinary man doesn't cry at all instead suppresses his emotions...why? because of the fear of being insulted.

If a man does all the cooking at home and wife goes and earns then that family specially that man would be insulted like anything. Aren't the husband/wife equals can't the wife earn and husband cook? Again comes stupid and wrong notions of people.

Then in my own native state(Kerala) I have seen this that if men don't keep mustache then you find the them being looked down upon.Not everywhere in Kerala but in some places. And so many people tend to keep mustaches even if they look ugly. Even my cousin wanted to marry a man who has mustache as she believed that mustache means manly huh!!

In Rajasthan I see parents telling their boys don't be like girls don't be scared. Don't help your wife in household works. Even this does not exist everywhere in Rajasthan.

I believe that "the complete man" is the true man and the so called macho man is handicapped without being able to express his emotions.

Isn't the fact another awful thing which exists in our society...?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rape .... a discussion!!!!

Rape ...what is it? It is just having a forced sexual intercourse with a girl. No. It is not it is actually more a mental harassment than a physical one. Now why am I saying like this. So let me make it clear to you ..... so, rape first of all the girl who is raped is not mentally very fine she feels very sad that someone used her. So over that what do people do ..... they say all sorts of things like
"she must have attracted that boy, this had to happen because she was such a girl all her friends were boys Kya ek acche ghar ki ladki ko ye sab shobha deta hai ( does a girl of a good family indulge in all this)". You must have seen in documentaries, films and don't please think filmy world is all fake.
Actually to say that the man is wrong is also not correct as everybody gets attracted to the forbidden fruit.
And since here girls are not so so outspoken and so so i call the girls the forbidden fruit.
Don't we need a culture where the male population lives in such a situations where they have the ability to suppress the inner desire of wrong. I don't say all males are not able to do so but those who are not it is for them.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Independence day!!

A very happy Independence Day to you India.
Today is the 62nd Independence Day.
Rejoice all….. be happy not for one single day but for all the days from now.
On this day in 1947 we got independence from the foreign rule.
Do we really know the value of this day or we just count it as one of our holidays.
Do we listen to what the president speaks on this day.
Many people don’t even know how much freedom we enjoy.
Do we have to think twice to give our opinion in public?
Do we have not right to move freely around in the society without someone putting barriers.
Do we have to take permission from somebody to buy something?
Don’t we have the right to support the authority we like?
We have so many privileges so many beautiful things here in our Country.
But do we value them.
Today what we have to do is to value them ....learn to value them
Take inspiration from those selfless leaders who did not even consider their lives important for the sake of an Independent India.
....Let the gossip session of women turn into a session which discusses about the country.
Let the new generation try to work for India itself. Rather considering it a pride to work for other countries.
All the government employees try to reach office on time.
Try not to give or take bribes.
Try not to encourage against crime.
Try to respect the national flag not only at a surface level but at real depth.
A very happy Independence day to all once again.
Try to at least accomplish any one of these till the next Independence Day.


Jana Gana Mana (Indian National Song) Thou Art the Ruler of All - The best video clips are right here

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Please...... take my daughter....... I'll pay for it!!!!

So marriages brings a glow to a family. With all sorts of decorations and all we all feel happy at those times. But the biggest agony of girl's parents during the marriages is dowry.

The girl's family works hard to make arrangements. The girl's family is often seen with their heads down in front of the boys family. Then if any arrangement, any, like food, decoration etc has some little fault in it then they are often rebuked and insulted by the boy's family. After all they are the boy's family they can do anything huh! .... collars high.
Its a shame that we have different status for both the families. Just being a boy's family is enough.... an honour is attached to it. WHY??? It is a big shame for the rich Indian culture.Huh!
Even after the girl's family is the one sending their daughter the important member of their family to the boy's house why are they the ones to pay the dowry????
Is it like a price given to keep garbage at someone's house?
I know this custom started as a good means to give a share of the family property to the daughter.
But now what is its relevance when girls have to be legally given a share of the family property. It should be hers not his and his family's.
I have heard of some people who don't educate their daughter's just to save money for dowry and what happens is if there is some tension between the husband and wife then wife is always the one to compromise because she is at his mercy. she cannot go back parents won't accept.
I don't really know when will this end.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Title of this blog will resume after the Independence day.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Apparent Depth !!!!!!

Many people believe that if a person is smiling and joking then that person is superficial and if a person is serious and always rude then that person has some depth.

.....When KBC part 3 came on tv then many said "what is this Shahrukh Khan is just joking and just wasting time and is not like big B who used to be serious all this is western impact". Without denying the fact that Big B wasn't superficial I would say even if SRK was a little more joking and smiling he was also not superficial. Those who have seen the show very well know how many serious things he spoke in that joking mood.
Now my point is though both of them went on different ways but they both were very serious hosts their own ways.
I am saying this because I have seen many people who look serious but are really superficial.
So its really really wrong to associate depth with seriousness. As our actions are which tell us whether we are superficial or not and not what we pretend to be or what we show others.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why this difference...........

This post is on something which I have gone through. I really don't know about the other places but the place I lived in has this peculiar behavior.
Now comes the experience part....... actually its not just one single experience.
When I was small that means 9-14 years whenever I went to a shop if that person is an acquaintance then he would talk to me call me gudiya(doll) and all that.
This used to happen always. But when I grew up and became some 15 16 yrs old the same person doesn't even talk to me. Now here I would like to say i surely don't want him to call me gudiya. But he can be as free as before. No, its not that I crave for attention its just that I feel no need to accept the unnecessary change.
I really think that's awful to behave differently with someone just because of age.
Then what I just used to sit there talking to my parents. Now another thing is the girls who have a habit of talking so much are labeled characterless girls.Huh! I really don't get that how can someone be characterless( that type) just because of talking to someone.
All these things which is because of the dire inquisitiveness of the society and as I always say If society accepts then all will be accepted. Don't you think some rules of the society are really stopping it from reaching the sky and rather pulling it down to the deep depth.
Don't you think so?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Parents and sex.............!!!!

Today's topic is a very sensitive one. So let me start with the incident itself.
This incident took place in KV. We were as usual sitting at our common place. So as always a serious topic came over. Now that day it was about sex. When we started talking off it, one of my close friends said "I don't like that, it reduces respect to my parents an my brother(recently married), its immoral".
Now how can I explain to her she was also born due to this so called immoral act.
Not only her many of my friends thought so that sex is bad and once children are born parents should not engage in that. I really don't get that. Are parents just servants to take care of children. Don't they have their own life.
Now another point, the girl also said I sleep with my mom and my dad sleeps in a separate room. Now its not necessary that they always have sex, they can talk of some serious family matters too.
This is where I think the holy relationship of husband and wife is made unholy. When God has united them who are we to separate them.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Illegitimate huh!!!!

This is an issue about which I really feel very bad. Why is the child made to suffer a lot when he/she is not born of a marriage. Why do people call that child a bas***d. It has become a common bad word, a word to insult someone.
When I was small that means in the middle school some of my friends used to say that word and so I also started saying that word. But I soon stopped that on my parents' correction.
Actually many people say that knowingly or unknowingly. I don't blame people for that because some of them don't even know its meaning.
The thing what actually matters here is our perspective. Whats wrong in being illegitimate. There is life, there is feeling and the most important there is love. Now a point which comes here is we think marriage is necessary but can't those standards which we made be changed. Yes, they can be but no one just has the courage. Not even the people in big positions,as they also think as the society thinks. Here let me make a point clear that I am not against marriages. But those who did not marry and had a child for them can't the rules be changed. Is that child not a human?
I really don't understand why people don't accept such children. When the child is at no fault at all.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad vs Worse!!!!

Today I am going to compare bad with worse and you have to choose your one option and tell me why.
An adult channel started being aired in a small city. Many people went to the cable operator talking about the impact it would have on the children watching it.
And soon it was removed.
When one of the famous actors(female)did a bold role in a film many other stars came up to the media criticizing her. Saying how could she do this. Its against the culture and so on.

But in both the cases what I would like to say to the concerned is more than an adult channel or a bold role, the things which have a bad impact on children or are against our culture are cheating other people to fill own pockets, making others feel inferior on the basis of the so called caste system, taking a human life, gender bias, treating some jobs down market, showing pride, giving importance to only moneyed people and many more such things which many people do without feeling a single prick of conscience.
Its just really awful to have such thinking.

note: its just comparison of bad with worse not good with bad.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Tom Boy????

Girls often find joy in saying that they are tom boys. I had a friend who used to always say that she is a complete boy she doesn't like to wear suits she always likes to link more with boys than girls.
Why do you think she must have said that? Just for proving herself superior to the other girls out there and not because she really is like that. Now another question that arises here is that do boys take pride in saying that they are like girls? No not at all instead they say things like crying like girls or if you have no power sit at home wearing bangles like girls. So they are ashamed of being girls.
Many girls who consider themselves modern are found themselves comparing with boys.
What I personally believe is be on the top by being what you are and by comparing themselves with boys we make us ultimately inferior.
Being a girl is not at all a shame.

And now I am not at all saying girls means only salwars and bangles and all that crying. No not at all.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clothes Decide????

Today's post is going to be something which I think many of us follow.
Now tell me what will you think about a girl wearing a baggy salwar suit and the other girl wearing some latest fashion.
Many will think oh! suit, she must must be from a village and the other girl, hey she's cool good looks she seems to be modern.
But what I have to say on this issue is is it right to determine someone by his/her clothes.
In the earlier case it could be found that the the girl in suit is much more up to date than the other girl.
But this is what often happens.
If this is the truth then why do people say"Simple Living & High Thinking".
Does it have any importance here?
Is it not awful that with high thinking we have to make ourselves the so called modern.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Patriotism ????

Today's post will be about patriotism. Many Indians specially who consider themselves very patriotic are often seen starting a new business or anything new on the religious festivals. This is because they think they can show patriotism to the country only by dying for it. But that's not completely true.
The example I am going to mention here is not for making clear the point above but is instead to show such people who have wrong notions about patriotism that there are many people who also believe the other way round.

The example is of my own father. He was a smoker till 2002 jan 26. But on 26/jan/2002 he left smoking for ever.
He did not decide to leave smoking on any of our religious festivals, as on Christmas which had just been celebrated on 25th of the previous month. Instead decided to do it on the special day of the country

So the point which I want to make clear is, many Indians who consider themselves as patriots never feel such closeness with the country so as to do something which is very important to them on days dedicated to the country.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is It civilised?..........

Today the issue I would like to discuss is people are usually seen behaving as animals in parties specially marriage parties. They wait till the announcement is made food and then the marriage party becomes a place of bull fight. It will not be wrong to say that some of them just come to have food only.
Not only this, but many other things show that food is the primary need for all of us.
See, for example in the west when somebody goes to someone's house and the host is doing some serious office work or something else like that, then the guest goes away promising to come later. But if the host is having meals then the guest comes and sits inside and even eats with the host. But in India we see its completely opposite.
This shows how much concerned we are about food. And I don't think, this much concern about food is the behaviour of intellectuals. So much concern about food only shows that how much animal we are in our behaviour.

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Got to become a college girl tomorrow"....!!!!!!!!

Dear friends after a 40 day long journey of continuous posting its time to become weekly in my postings. This change has occurred because now after 3 months and eight day long holiday I also have to go. Holidays seemed boring but now that they have come to an end I feel sad. Ne’er mind that’s life.

The week from tomorrow being the first week in college I would take time to adjust to the atmosphere. Rest depends on the schedule.
So keep visiting friends to see some of my previous posts.
Though I won’t be posting daily but do expect me on Sundays.

Meet you all on Sunday same time same place till then " Phir milenge, Verute, see you soon"
Your friend

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What System....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So finally today I am going to discuss a point which is really a question to the education system in India. But before starting my post let me ask you all a question. Tell me that “is learning a lot of matter and not registering much of it ok”?

We all know that these days the school and other syllabus’ have increased so much so that students don’t know what to study and what not to study. So they study partially and not in depth to just answer the questions which can get them a pass mark and after that forget it all.

Even I don’t remember what I studied in my high school when my dad remembers it all even now.
Here you might not completely blame the syllabus, as you may think interest and the way teachers taught at that time should also be considered , but I feel syllabus is the ultimate factor as it makes the teachers to teach fast and students to lose interest.

So I would like to ask you all that…. is it correct to make the students learn so much in an inefficient way which will not benefit anybody but rather create more problems. Such a big problem is a threat to our country’s future. As this system can’t instill an interest in the students but only make them hate study.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Half Truths.........

As we grow older and wiser we begin to see things as a whole rather than as in our younger days. When we are younger we focus on partial truths..

For example, we focused on the few successful people who had been school dropouts and contrasted them with the failures who had completed school. Why did we not contrast successful people who had completed school with failures who dropped out of school?

Another example is…
…we felt Rabindranath Tagore was an advocate of action against prayer and chanting when he said, “Leave this prayer and chanting….” It will be far from the truth if we say that Tagore was not a man of prayer and contemplation.

His words are rightly addressed to those who do only prayer and chanting in a ritual fashion and are not concerned about the hardworking and the poor. His lines are written not as a support to people who shun prayer and escape contemplation.

Ultimate Settlement...........????

I often see that for many not all of the Indians have a wrong idea that marriage is the ultimate settlement in life. This idea is very often for girls and less often for boys. There is a good example for this case also.
The place where I was in till now gives me a very good example to show this.
There was a girl in my neighbourhood. After she completed her twelfth her mom started searching for a groom but she continued study so that no one should say anything. She did her B.A from a nearby college. This means that study was just a means to be saved from the people’s bad comments but ultimately marriage is perfect settlement for them.

Now what I feel about such issues is why does a girl need some help for leading her life. I say this because when we talk of girls, life partner is not a partner but a support to the helpless women but when we talk of a man’s life partner its somebody needed to look after the house and cook food for him. WHY?

Friday, July 4, 2008

No Freedom..............

Many Parents especially of the girls I have seen they don’t allow their children to talk to the opposite sex. Here I don’t say that parents should allow anything or everything. I don’t mean either that the parents should not allow their children to experience liberty.
The best example I can think of here is, there was a girl in my class whose dad and mom didn’t even allow taking notes from boys. Her dad used to send kind of bodyguards with her wherever she went. Now one day when a new boy came to our class she was just mad after him. She tried to talk and on friendship day gave him one friendship band. He just wanted to have fun so he accepted it. She told her parents that she was going for tuition and went with him for a date right in class ten. She failed in the quarterly exams.
If her parents had taught her to be normal human being and not to be scared of boys then she would not have got so mad after him as she would have taken him as any other boy. After all getting attracted is biological.
Such parents think children will lose path if they give them freedom.
But instead I think if freedom is there and parents trust there children then children will surely show responsibility.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Money Money Money.......................

Today’s issue is about money. The main thing is those who are money minded they don’t value any other person’s money. For many people I have seen money is so important that they forget to spend time with their loved ones for whom the money is made. People get so involved with money that their value system gets manipulated according to that.
My classmates they were so money minded that they never used to spend anything on others. There was one friend of mine who used to come with me to school. So after class when we used to buy some ice cream (Kulfi)>. One day I had forgotten to take money and so she gave me 5 rupees for the ice cream and soon told me to return it tomorrow. I did not feel like eating that ice cream. I returned her the money at that time only. I don’t say that people shouldn’t value money but I say why take other peoples money and not return it and when their money is taken they keep asking. Some of my classmates keet asking for 2 rupees also.
They never made any phone calls only missed calls. When India won the T-20 World Cup they congratulated each other by giving missed calls. They tell others to call as otherwise they have to spend money.
Ah! Such a money minded mentality.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shut Their Mouths (contd).........

Today I will give you another example about how inquisitive the society is. The society is bound to interfere.
For example if a girl’s marriage is getting delayed due to finance or other problems, we see that the people out there start talking of her badly. They say “ may be she’s having an affair” or they say “may be someone used her”. And what do the parents do? They marry her off as soon as they can to shut the people’s mouth.

I would surely like to tell you this is not restricted to women. Men are also often ridiculed and insulted for issues like unemployment etc.

Another example which I have noticed only in the place where I studied. In my neighbourhood daily some 6 -7 women sit outside their house and pass comments on whoever passed by. They commented on the walk the clothes etc. And I tell it feels really awful.

If society changes then social evils like rape etc will not haunt the victim as it does now.
In this the main part is of the victim who by coming forward can shut such ridiculing mouths.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Society Decides When It Has No Part To Play....

I have seen in many cases the matter should remain within the family only but it doesn’t it comes out and society is the one which decides.
For example if a girl is raped. In most of such cases the parents don’t accept her. Why? Because if they do so, then they will be insulted in front of all.
When no one gave her food or money to study who are they to decide her destiny.
Another thing I see is if something like that happens with the girl she is the one who is insulted when the real culprit moves around freely. This is also because of the society.
One more thing which is the most important one is no one marries a such a girl. As its believed there is no use of her any more. Is virginity everything? Or a women does not have any other purpose than producing children? Has she not to be pure at heart. I don't think if there is no virginity she is not pure.
Even the educated class does not accept such a girl. In all such cases society is the main culprit. Which decides the destiny of not only such girls but many other people.
Who has given them this right?

To be contd…

Monday, June 30, 2008

Public Property: hey its mine.....

This is an awful experience from the place where I studied. In my native state we see that after ten o’ clock no one plays loud music. But here I saw people who play loud music only after ten o’ clock. And you see no action is taken against them.
Another thing happened during the marriage season. Now what do they do? They put up their pandals in the middle of the road with no space left for even cycles to pass.
and here also no action against them.
Third thing which is similar to the second one.This happened whenever I went to the market on my cycle. We saw that cars and bikes blocked the way. Parked in the middle horizontally. What to do?
When you are in such a situation it feels horrible.
People think our marriage should go well even if others are taxed for it. But they shout at other people when they do the same.
My native place has rules and people have to take permission before pitching their pandals in any public area. Otherwise the other people will complain.
Here everyone thinks of themselves that they don’t even care to obey the rules against noise pollution etc. Self centered world. What a big shame.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Healthy becomes unhealthy for the rat race........

Many of the news items tell us the good old healthy competition, How? Yes, doping and all that. Is it not unhealthy competition? This has led to a far more sad thing. I’ll tell you what that is.
Nowadays we see students in their early teens are indulging into it. Many of them are so much pressurized by their parents to get first in the class. So if they can’t work that hard they do this.
I have seen many of my high school classmates never used to help any body with copy books to copy notes. I thought may be its because they want to keep their book neat and clean. But this was because no one should get their good notes made from guides. Another thing I noticed is they never answered the question “how much did you study”? Even if they answered they used to reply “hey I slept off so I couldn’t study much”. They might have studied loads but you see they never tell.
They join tuitions and tell no one even if we ask.
Why at such a young age students become so crooked. Why?
This shows how much more these students are caught up in the rat race than the adults.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A word of no value..........

Now today I am going to discuss of an issue which is not at all important for many of the Indians.

I have seen many people don’t keep up their word. When they say they will come tomorrow then expect them after 2 years.

When I was in school we had a cable operator who used to give us cable channels. His word was of no value. If he told he would come now then, when my mom phoned him up for work his usual reply was oh I forgot and then he was not seen again.

Some of my friends also were also not reliable. They used to say I would accompany you to school but they would go with their brother or father and I would miss my class waiting for her and they would not even come and say a sorry.

Now the question that arises is for many people its not an important issue at all. They say its not so important. They don’t think of the inconvenience many face.

Friday, June 27, 2008

No One Really Cares........

In the government schools we see a very irresponsible behaviour from the teachers. This is a really awful. Do you think that the level of education in the gov.schools is the same as level in the private schools? At least I don’t think that. Now why is this like that when the teachers are highly qualified? The reason is the teachers don’t go to teach in the classes instead they just sit in the staff rooms and chat. Now what do the students do? They go out of the class roam around play and thus , everything is done except study.

Now it is also seen that the teachers take leave often and even then the attendance registers show their full attendance. How? When they return from the leave they put their attendance of the leave days also. If this is the situation then its injustice to the poor those who can’t afford other schools. Do the politicians who say that these schools are the best get their children admitted to these schools? No. They get their children admitted to either private schools or abroad.

This is because everybody is worried about themselves. I don’t say that everybody should do social work but if everyone at least does their duty there are chances of improvement.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Same thing continues...................

I’m waiting to share yet another incident with you. During the last two three days I am writing on the same issue because firstly there are so many aspects in this and secondly I have got so many incidents to share.
On a Sunday my parents and I had gone to a marriage party of one of my dad's colleagues. Now they have a custom that men and women don’t sit together. So mom and I had to go inside the house. Now sitting there was the mayor of the city. As we went inside and sat they didn’t welcome us with much ease as we are not of that place and thus as always we felt uncomfortable to be at local parties. Now as I was telling my mom to eat something fast as it was a must and get out of this place the mayor sitting beside me asked my mom how many children do you have? Mom answered “only one “she said to other ladies there how unfortunate and they replied yes. Now she asked once more I thing you should go for a boy otherwise who will look after you? My mom said she can also look after us. “are you joking” “no not at all we will teach her then why can’t she look after. “Oh! Then when will you marry her off? “ why after marriage also she can look after her. My mom got up from there as that lady was ridiculous and of course no body likes any body saying such things about their children.

Conclusion comes to the same.
Do people really change even after getting educated?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It Prrooves................

I'm going to tell you of an incident Today.
One day a lady from our neighbourhood came to my mom and told her that "since I don't have any children. I went to a man who is blessed by God to give 1 crore boy children as gift to those who pray to him. You have to buy an apple which will be blessed by him and eat it in 3 minutes hiding from your husband". After hearing her explanation my mom a mother of only a girl child told her " first of all I don't need a boy child because we consider both the same and don't differentiate between them and secondly I want to tell you if you have no children go to a doctor". But she told she already gone to one and she had told her there is no problem with her.Then my mom told her "what about your husband" she was just shocked to hear that and "said what are you saying the fault can't be with men". What can be done of such people? NOTHING AT ALL Its one of the biggest flaws of India. With lots more on this meet you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today I want to tell you some more aspects of a women’s life which we notice in our country. In my previous post I mentioned about a question asked by one of my friends in Rajasthan but I tell you this not only happens in Rajasthan but also many other states of India so why blame Rajasthan. Another example you find in this issue is …. People strive for a boy child. The first blame is to ignore the girl child but the 2 much bigger blames are Termination of the fetus if known it is a girl.
Then blaming the wife for not giving birth to a boy, when scientifically it has been proved long ago that it is the male chromosome which determines the sex of the fetus.

Now another question which arises is why is all this done what for? Just for the perpetuation of their "vansh". Hah! In this mighty universe we don’t even have the value of an ant then what is this VANSH for.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Only Girls

I did my Sr Sec in Rajasthan. So one day when my classmates and I were sitting under a tree and having our lunch one of them said these foreigners are people who do not keep their relationships till they die. while see in India we have lifelong relationships here. Then I felt I should clear her misunderstanding. I told her in west male and female sexes are equal but here we find large differences.
So what happens is, if a lady can't stand her husband's oppression then they get separated while here women keep adjusting because they feel If I go back then my parents have to face humiliation in front of the society. Now what I feel is, first those parents who don't support their children are to be hanged then the girl's in laws.Because those who care for their dignity in society and not for their precious daughter's life then they have no right to live. I end today's post to continue tomorrow by saying education is a necessity for women than men .To stand on their feet when no one is with them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Corruption A Menace

whenever we go to a Gov. office we see to get a work done we have to pay something from our pockets otherwise we find years have gone and the work is still in its preliminary stage.

In any field you see corruption has its roots. Wherever it is. For instance when I had to take admission in a School. I inquired the dates when the forms will be issued. But when I went to School that day I found that one of my friends dad had come with a filled form already. When I asked her she told me that she had got it on the day before the actual issue date. But when I told her that it was a Sunday she replied so what my dad gave double price. She said that with great pride as if she had achieved something .
Now what I want to say is even after committing a big crime as such they are not scared or ashamed to express it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Adopt What is right

I see that many people of my age group adopt certain western cultures. School students and college goers are often seen buying friendship bands and valentine cards. I feel its not right. You may think I am traditional and don't keep up to date views. But if you think a little maturely you will find out its not modern to wear friendship bands. Its rather pure pride.
Now as I am talking about western culture I should tell you that I'm not against it in fact I find some of the western values very much followable like dignity of work, civic sense, accountability etc.

We have to maturely decide what to adopt from the westerners and what not to adopt.

Why should we go after them when we have a culture of such great versatility?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

No Civic Sense

While walking on the road one day I saw that a lot of dirt is dumped here and there. I thought the municipality department is careless but as this thought was going through my mind I saw a lady coming out of her house with a bag of dirt and what she did you know she put it in front of some other house. Now the thing is her house is clean now but it is at the cost of some other's dirty house. Can't she think the same for the other house as she thinks for hers. Here is where civic sense comes into the picture. People don't have it in India. Its just awful

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big are really small

I really feel that some of the big people are really small in their views. They have all the time in the world to criticize someone or the other. These are very big in their positions but very cheap at their hearts .

Now one more thing about them is all the money they make is lavishly spent. The big parties which they attend so happily when crores are sleeping with their stomachs empty.

I feel ashamed to say that these are the Indians who are such a big craze for people.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Any More

Yesterday I was watching a serial . It was about a girl who was cheated by her boyfriend and now was expecting and the people were throwing stones on her and her own parents were not supporting her.

Is there no mistake on the boy's side?