Sunday, April 26, 2009

Global warming ........and.....INJUSTICE!!

When the temperature was low ..people bought Fridges and AC s for prestige.. now ultimately what has happened...It has become so hot..that we cannot live without these.

We used we have to use......slavery......kind of at least.

Another point...

We see injustice everywhere...

People who have never used fridge or Ac...Why are they suffering the heat??

Don't you think that is injustice??

ps:) had scheduled it for this tym.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"I'm a Complan girl"

"Boost is the secret of my energy"
"Sprite:seedhi baat baaki sab bakwaas"(I might be wrong with the perfect lines)

"Bsnl....Connecting India".

"Kitkat...break toh banta hi hei".

So as we all know ads are shot after the companies have their products ready.

That means from the result they try and find the process. The process is when they describe ways why the product is good. Like the ad in which Aamir khan explains why Tata Sky plus is good?

Rationalization eh?

So these days we also see ads by various political parties. Explaining why to vote for their party.

Do I have to explain? I know you are intelligent enough to understand what I am trying to say :P


Thursday, April 2, 2009

The world stands in need........

"The world stands in need of liberation my Lord
it still has to learn to love
the dumb and the deaf
the blind and the lame
all need to feel your healing touch.

There are those who have eyes who refuse to see
there inhumanity to men
there are those who have ears who refuse to hear
the cries of men in agony.

There are those who have mouths who refuse to speak
against injustice done to men.
There are those who have hands who refuse
to reach them out in love and brotherhood.

There are those who have talents..they do
not use to build a true community.
and we all know that we have the
talent to love but keep it buried in ourselves

This is not my piece of work.......

But has surely inspired me....... am sharing it with all of you....

Don't you think we need to take more steps in our life to help the needy?