Thursday, December 25, 2008 a DRAMA..HUH ..!!

Some time ago in a religious place...2 no attention to what is said or done there...just worried about their..clothes.

What kind of a belief is that?

Its better not to go to any religious place .... I don't think that such a devotion is of any use...I just can't take people who just go to any temple mosque or church just as a fulfillment of a ritual.

I have also seen people who believe just by going to such places or by doing certain rituals you are close to GOD....

Then you can do all kinds of injustice what the hell!!

Any way ...I don't find it correct ...

Ps:) This is my 50th would like to thank all my make it possible.....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I love my state...and so all states are my state ..huh!

So today I am discussing something which really can make you ponder....

I would ask you all a question...

All places in India suppose..becomes one..I mean if for example all the states become like any one state then what would be the situation?

Here I see many people who want to make this place as their native state...they still eat the specialties of their place they wear what they used to in their native states..huh!

I am not saying that when you go to live in a different place you need to forget your native state once in a while you can have all like you have it at your place but not always...

what do you think in this aspect??

Friday, December 5, 2008

The useless HOCH* POCH* !!

My purpose is to discuss things which I really can't take...huh!

The latest and of course the most important issue now is about the terror attack on 26th of Nov

See I completely agree that...the Govt is at fault.

But..then what comes to my mind when I see people blaming is...the death of Hemanth Karkare and Ashok Kamat..

One of the news channels brought out that the Bullet proof jackets supplied to them were of very poor quality....

IS IT NOT..more corruption..than The GOVT's fault...?????

If the people themselves don't have the conscience and fill their pockets illegally then what can any party in power do..

These days the main news is the people's protest over the issue...

very good!!...the government is getting pinched every now and then...but then again...I heard many angry comments..from people..

Anger is not the only anything..instead the terrorists would take benefit of the adrenaline Hike up..and also nothing constructive would happen....

I am not for any party...I really am not...but I also believe that expression of anger and usage impolite phrases can just become a breaking news in media but not a stepping stone to the change of system of the country.

What do ya' think??