Monday, June 30, 2008

Public Property: hey its mine.....

This is an awful experience from the place where I studied. In my native state we see that after ten o’ clock no one plays loud music. But here I saw people who play loud music only after ten o’ clock. And you see no action is taken against them.
Another thing happened during the marriage season. Now what do they do? They put up their pandals in the middle of the road with no space left for even cycles to pass.
and here also no action against them.
Third thing which is similar to the second one.This happened whenever I went to the market on my cycle. We saw that cars and bikes blocked the way. Parked in the middle horizontally. What to do?
When you are in such a situation it feels horrible.
People think our marriage should go well even if others are taxed for it. But they shout at other people when they do the same.
My native place has rules and people have to take permission before pitching their pandals in any public area. Otherwise the other people will complain.
Here everyone thinks of themselves that they don’t even care to obey the rules against noise pollution etc. Self centered world. What a big shame.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Healthy becomes unhealthy for the rat race........

Many of the news items tell us the good old healthy competition, How? Yes, doping and all that. Is it not unhealthy competition? This has led to a far more sad thing. I’ll tell you what that is.
Nowadays we see students in their early teens are indulging into it. Many of them are so much pressurized by their parents to get first in the class. So if they can’t work that hard they do this.
I have seen many of my high school classmates never used to help any body with copy books to copy notes. I thought may be its because they want to keep their book neat and clean. But this was because no one should get their good notes made from guides. Another thing I noticed is they never answered the question “how much did you study”? Even if they answered they used to reply “hey I slept off so I couldn’t study much”. They might have studied loads but you see they never tell.
They join tuitions and tell no one even if we ask.
Why at such a young age students become so crooked. Why?
This shows how much more these students are caught up in the rat race than the adults.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A word of no value..........

Now today I am going to discuss of an issue which is not at all important for many of the Indians.

I have seen many people don’t keep up their word. When they say they will come tomorrow then expect them after 2 years.

When I was in school we had a cable operator who used to give us cable channels. His word was of no value. If he told he would come now then, when my mom phoned him up for work his usual reply was oh I forgot and then he was not seen again.

Some of my friends also were also not reliable. They used to say I would accompany you to school but they would go with their brother or father and I would miss my class waiting for her and they would not even come and say a sorry.

Now the question that arises is for many people its not an important issue at all. They say its not so important. They don’t think of the inconvenience many face.

Friday, June 27, 2008

No One Really Cares........

In the government schools we see a very irresponsible behaviour from the teachers. This is a really awful. Do you think that the level of education in the gov.schools is the same as level in the private schools? At least I don’t think that. Now why is this like that when the teachers are highly qualified? The reason is the teachers don’t go to teach in the classes instead they just sit in the staff rooms and chat. Now what do the students do? They go out of the class roam around play and thus , everything is done except study.

Now it is also seen that the teachers take leave often and even then the attendance registers show their full attendance. How? When they return from the leave they put their attendance of the leave days also. If this is the situation then its injustice to the poor those who can’t afford other schools. Do the politicians who say that these schools are the best get their children admitted to these schools? No. They get their children admitted to either private schools or abroad.

This is because everybody is worried about themselves. I don’t say that everybody should do social work but if everyone at least does their duty there are chances of improvement.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Same thing continues...................

I’m waiting to share yet another incident with you. During the last two three days I am writing on the same issue because firstly there are so many aspects in this and secondly I have got so many incidents to share.
On a Sunday my parents and I had gone to a marriage party of one of my dad's colleagues. Now they have a custom that men and women don’t sit together. So mom and I had to go inside the house. Now sitting there was the mayor of the city. As we went inside and sat they didn’t welcome us with much ease as we are not of that place and thus as always we felt uncomfortable to be at local parties. Now as I was telling my mom to eat something fast as it was a must and get out of this place the mayor sitting beside me asked my mom how many children do you have? Mom answered “only one “she said to other ladies there how unfortunate and they replied yes. Now she asked once more I thing you should go for a boy otherwise who will look after you? My mom said she can also look after us. “are you joking” “no not at all we will teach her then why can’t she look after. “Oh! Then when will you marry her off? “ why after marriage also she can look after her. My mom got up from there as that lady was ridiculous and of course no body likes any body saying such things about their children.

Conclusion comes to the same.
Do people really change even after getting educated?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It Prrooves................

I'm going to tell you of an incident Today.
One day a lady from our neighbourhood came to my mom and told her that "since I don't have any children. I went to a man who is blessed by God to give 1 crore boy children as gift to those who pray to him. You have to buy an apple which will be blessed by him and eat it in 3 minutes hiding from your husband". After hearing her explanation my mom a mother of only a girl child told her " first of all I don't need a boy child because we consider both the same and don't differentiate between them and secondly I want to tell you if you have no children go to a doctor". But she told she already gone to one and she had told her there is no problem with her.Then my mom told her "what about your husband" she was just shocked to hear that and "said what are you saying the fault can't be with men". What can be done of such people? NOTHING AT ALL Its one of the biggest flaws of India. With lots more on this meet you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today I want to tell you some more aspects of a women’s life which we notice in our country. In my previous post I mentioned about a question asked by one of my friends in Rajasthan but I tell you this not only happens in Rajasthan but also many other states of India so why blame Rajasthan. Another example you find in this issue is …. People strive for a boy child. The first blame is to ignore the girl child but the 2 much bigger blames are Termination of the fetus if known it is a girl.
Then blaming the wife for not giving birth to a boy, when scientifically it has been proved long ago that it is the male chromosome which determines the sex of the fetus.

Now another question which arises is why is all this done what for? Just for the perpetuation of their "vansh". Hah! In this mighty universe we don’t even have the value of an ant then what is this VANSH for.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Only Girls

I did my Sr Sec in Rajasthan. So one day when my classmates and I were sitting under a tree and having our lunch one of them said these foreigners are people who do not keep their relationships till they die. while see in India we have lifelong relationships here. Then I felt I should clear her misunderstanding. I told her in west male and female sexes are equal but here we find large differences.
So what happens is, if a lady can't stand her husband's oppression then they get separated while here women keep adjusting because they feel If I go back then my parents have to face humiliation in front of the society. Now what I feel is, first those parents who don't support their children are to be hanged then the girl's in laws.Because those who care for their dignity in society and not for their precious daughter's life then they have no right to live. I end today's post to continue tomorrow by saying education is a necessity for women than men .To stand on their feet when no one is with them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Corruption A Menace

whenever we go to a Gov. office we see to get a work done we have to pay something from our pockets otherwise we find years have gone and the work is still in its preliminary stage.

In any field you see corruption has its roots. Wherever it is. For instance when I had to take admission in a School. I inquired the dates when the forms will be issued. But when I went to School that day I found that one of my friends dad had come with a filled form already. When I asked her she told me that she had got it on the day before the actual issue date. But when I told her that it was a Sunday she replied so what my dad gave double price. She said that with great pride as if she had achieved something .
Now what I want to say is even after committing a big crime as such they are not scared or ashamed to express it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Adopt What is right

I see that many people of my age group adopt certain western cultures. School students and college goers are often seen buying friendship bands and valentine cards. I feel its not right. You may think I am traditional and don't keep up to date views. But if you think a little maturely you will find out its not modern to wear friendship bands. Its rather pure pride.
Now as I am talking about western culture I should tell you that I'm not against it in fact I find some of the western values very much followable like dignity of work, civic sense, accountability etc.

We have to maturely decide what to adopt from the westerners and what not to adopt.

Why should we go after them when we have a culture of such great versatility?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

No Civic Sense

While walking on the road one day I saw that a lot of dirt is dumped here and there. I thought the municipality department is careless but as this thought was going through my mind I saw a lady coming out of her house with a bag of dirt and what she did you know she put it in front of some other house. Now the thing is her house is clean now but it is at the cost of some other's dirty house. Can't she think the same for the other house as she thinks for hers. Here is where civic sense comes into the picture. People don't have it in India. Its just awful

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big are really small

I really feel that some of the big people are really small in their views. They have all the time in the world to criticize someone or the other. These are very big in their positions but very cheap at their hearts .

Now one more thing about them is all the money they make is lavishly spent. The big parties which they attend so happily when crores are sleeping with their stomachs empty.

I feel ashamed to say that these are the Indians who are such a big craze for people.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Any More

Yesterday I was watching a serial . It was about a girl who was cheated by her boyfriend and now was expecting and the people were throwing stones on her and her own parents were not supporting her.

Is there no mistake on the boy's side?