Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big are really small

I really feel that some of the big people are really small in their views. They have all the time in the world to criticize someone or the other. These are very big in their positions but very cheap at their hearts .

Now one more thing about them is all the money they make is lavishly spent. The big parties which they attend so happily when crores are sleeping with their stomachs empty.

I feel ashamed to say that these are the Indians who are such a big craze for people.


Aneesh said...

Well, eventhough they are stars, they r still humanbeings, right?
'N about the money thing, well that's one of the things that people will always want to get more, no matter how much they have. Well even if people like u and me are in their position, who knows what'll we do if we r there?

Viajero said...

I hv a qstn... What will be more satisfying : a) When your salary increases from Rs 3L P.A. to 6 L P.A. or
b) An increase in salary from Rs. 5 crore to 7 Crore per annum.

To get that greater satisfaction some criticize others, others spend lavishly and a few others do charity by the word

Anonymous said...

Keep writing on these public issues.

Aneesh said...

So, mammootty is your example for a real star? what's wrong with Mohanlal? Well, mammootty might be a great success in his field, but does that make him a success person? No offense meant for him, but Can you point out any real difference b/w mammootty and mohanlal?

Aneesh said...

Ofcourse, I read it and I knew you'll say the social thing and was waiting for it :)
Actually, mohanlal has started animation schools and all, Hasn't he? and that'll certainly give a few job oppurtunities. How may film stars have come to this field? That's a risk but he was ready to take it :). Now, social thing's not the only one one can do. He is the ambassador for a lot of charity things, which means he gets a lot of popularity, right? I'm not saying that's wrong, you got my point? Now, as a person, you'll certainly agree that lal's got lot friends than mamookka, right? so while coming to dealing with people, who's better? Have you heard about mamootty beating a fan? Now, No one's perfect and we can't find an IDEAL star, may be sachin will come close to it, he does a lot of charity work, but no body knows about it. Despite the popularity and money, his personal life is as clean as a milk and he was never in fight with anybody :) But you could find a lot of problem in him too, right?

Aneesh said...

Okay, I agree.