Saturday, September 20, 2008

I want your opinion .....

As my every post this one too will have an incident attached with it. As all my posts are based on what I see in my day to day life and not just what I hear or read in the news.

This happened sometime ago may be about a year or so. The thing is some of the rowdies at our place troubled one of my classmates. They passed some comments on her. She as any other ordinary girl didn't pay much of a heed to it. Even I would do that. But the thing that she did not scold or say anything to the boys wasn't much liked by one of my other friend's parent(father). He actually came to know about the incident from his daughter(my other friend).

The very next day I saw this girl(the father's daughter) was no more in conversation with the other girl(the so called victim).

I was surprised... as they were pretty good friends!

I asked her for the reason. She told me "when I told my dad about the incident he advised me to be away from the company of such girls" What does this such girls mean?

Now from the background which I come has never taught me to be as such so I was literally taken aback.

Can you all please tell me some reasons for why this happens and be sure that you all put up both sides impartially. As I believe truth can't be found out unless you know all the concerned aspects.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Valuable Award!!!!

Hey all I have exams that's why I won't be available for a few days .
This post is about another award i got.
Thanks to Vishesh for such a sweet award. Liked it simply.
Here's it**

So now its my turn to pass on I pass on to

1. Saranya

2. Aneesh

3. Prashant

4. Hemanth

5. Neha(joie)

6. Smriti

7. Nithin(kochu)

8. Pooja

9. Anwesa



Friday, September 5, 2008

Sex, Marriage & AIDS!!!!

Today's post is aimed to convey an important message through things mainly responsible for it.
The reason for this post is a phone call from one of my very close friends from Jaipur.
She rang me up two three days ago asking me for some serious advice.
She said that she has a friend I mean a classmate who is deeply in love with some boy and wants to marry him.
The question here is certainly not about the marriageable age.
The question is not completely about leaving such good opportunities of career and such a bright future and making marriage an important issue.
And my question is also not about the absence of maturity needed for a marriage.
And again I would say the question is not also about it being real love or just a mere infatuation.
The question is about AIDS.
You might think how do I connect marriage at a young age and AIDS.
How is this possible that the people of my age group become mature enough to abstain from sex even after marriage. Are they mature enough to know about condoms? Are they mature enough to decide that they have to do an HIV test before submitting themselves to the relationship.
I have seen many of my friends don't have sufficient knowledge about sex... a teenager should have.
Its really awful that we ...I mean the class of people who mainly indulge in early marriages abstain from talking about the issue openly.
I have seen when in biology classes the chapter reproduction is taught teachers also don't find it difficult to explain certain facts.
And of course at homes parents just don't answer to child's queries on the topic.
All these are small reasons which ultimately lead to more amount of people having AIDS.
Why are we making mistakes after mistakes on such serious issues.
Another shocking fact is many of the people belonging to educated class the so called modern class don't even care to do an HIV test before marriage.
They are often busy in matching stars and what heavenly bodies depict about the relationship and financial status equality and so on.
First handle what is on the Earth then go after the universe!!
Huh! then what is the use of superficial modernity.
After all modernity is not in wearing short clothes... wat say?

This post was meant to convey a lot a whole lot!
I hope I have played my part but now it is your turn to please watch the following video and pass on your very valuable comments to me and all who pass by.

Ps:-)The video is about an unfaithful husband.
No its not completely related to my post but has a good message in it. please do watch.

ps:)well I am sorry for the error out there i mentioned the boys age as 18.
and thanx to vishesh for kind of reminding me with his comment. The error is corrected now.