Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Valuable Award!!!!

Hey all I have exams that's why I won't be available for a few days .
This post is about another award i got.
Thanks to Vishesh for such a sweet award. Liked it simply.
Here's it**

So now its my turn to pass on I pass on to

1. Saranya

2. Aneesh

3. Prashant

4. Hemanth

5. Neha(joie)

6. Smriti

7. Nithin(kochu)

8. Pooja

9. Anwesa




k.ø.c.h.ü said...

wow!!!!!!!! hugzz mate....!!!yippie!!!!!

Smriti Srivastava said...

Hi hi...I've been just making award acceptances since this morning...hi hi...Thanks a lot mate!!! :)

By the way, why's this post on "THAT'S AWFUL"?? Is it coz of exams?? All the best to you real soon. Take care! :)

ANWESA said...

thanx 4 d honour!!!

prajyot said...

wow..congrats...its really deserving award for u..god bless

Aneesh said...

Thanks dear.
Award time!!
I am, now, thinking about creating a custom award by myself.


Keshi said...



vishesh said...

:D :D :D :D :D

lukkydivz said...

:) congratulation to u and all.
ur not supposed to be here, study for exams!

Anonymous said...

Aw Thanks!...*Graciously accepting the award*
What about my post-award speech?

Hemanth Potluri said...

ha....i am not that honest.:P thnks soo much ..


Saranya said...

Aww, thanks so much for the award priya :) thats very nice of u! and congrats to you!!
plus all the very best with ur exams and do well!!

joiedevivre said...

finalyy i hav dis award wid me
n i thank my first frnd on bloggie dearst PJ


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Congratulations. As the saying goes, "when it rains, it pours." Awards are pouring over you and you are very deserving of all those awards. Congrats again and God bless you.

Tara said...

Hey thanks PJ!!! Really sweet of you to have thought about me! And yes, Big big big BEST OF LUCK for your exams sweetie!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

congrat lady..!!

Anonymous said...

hai priya thanks for dropping by....
that's awful is so thought provoking
and seeing such a young grl like u taking such strong stand on many a rarity

Keep up the good work .....and let us know what's more awful out there,
usually ignored

descrying the shadows said...

congo ... actually yeah i have visited this one
but i soon dropped the idea of wordpress and continued .. on blogger .. and when i changed template i smhw missed out your blog on my blogroll there ... thanks for bringing tht to my notice

Prashant Sree said...

Awards come and awards go, yet the dear ones stay together always ;)
[Just tried my hand at rhyming, dont know how scary it is ;) ]

Thanks a lot dear for the award.,. :)

Btw, Will there be a award ceremony atleast this time ?? ;)

V. Archana said...

hey priya, liked ur postings and tahts a gr8 idea of awarding your blogpals.Anyways,good luck to you!

Pooja said...


Solitaire said...


Priya Joyce said...

@ kochu:
no need of tat much thanx yaar its ok.
ye wow!

Priya Joyce said...

@ smriti:

ooh wow tats gr8 so many award yaar
btw the award was given to this blog tat's why and not coz of xammx ha ha lolz

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:

hey no thans required yaar u deserve to be honoured.

Priya Joyce said...

@ prajyot:
hey thanx for those sweet words buddy

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:
hey no thanx required yaar

and ye compose an award for sure and gimme first ha ha lolz

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

thanx buddy

Priya Joyce said...

@ vishesh:

wow! so many smiles gr8.

Priya Joyce said...

@ lukky:
ye thanx divvu dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

oh bhagwaan ka shukra hai iss baar toh accept kar rahi hai wow!

haan wer's the speech yaar

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth;

oh really lolz
hey u deserve it yaar.

Priya Joyce said...

@ saranya:
hey no thans yaar u deserve it na.

Priya Joyce said...

@ neha

hey i 'm not the first one to give u the award yaar u've got it frm many others too
and ye ur also ma frst frnd in the blogsville wow!.

Priya Joyce said...

@ mel:
hey thanx for those sweet words frnd.

Priya Joyce said...

@ tara:
hey u deserve it yaar no thanx plz yaar.

Priya Joyce said...

@ vinu:

thanx man
ha ha me lady u call me lady and i hav got a kiddu award frm divkiran wat a contradiction wow1

Priya Joyce said...

@ aparna:
i am happy tat u came to read i want more ppl like u all to come and express views

and thanx yaar

Priya Joyce said...

@ sid:
hey no probs der aaye durust aaye wow!

Priya Joyce said...

@ prashant:

hey award ceremony oooho y not a gr8 personality is recieveing the award na ha ah lol

Priya Joyce said...

@ archana:
hey thanx for the appreciation yaar welcum here.

Priya Joyce said...

@ pooja:

congratts to u yaar

Priya Joyce said...

@ sneha:

hey thanx dear