Friday, September 5, 2008

Sex, Marriage & AIDS!!!!

Today's post is aimed to convey an important message through things mainly responsible for it.
The reason for this post is a phone call from one of my very close friends from Jaipur.
She rang me up two three days ago asking me for some serious advice.
She said that she has a friend I mean a classmate who is deeply in love with some boy and wants to marry him.
The question here is certainly not about the marriageable age.
The question is not completely about leaving such good opportunities of career and such a bright future and making marriage an important issue.
And my question is also not about the absence of maturity needed for a marriage.
And again I would say the question is not also about it being real love or just a mere infatuation.
The question is about AIDS.
You might think how do I connect marriage at a young age and AIDS.
How is this possible that the people of my age group become mature enough to abstain from sex even after marriage. Are they mature enough to know about condoms? Are they mature enough to decide that they have to do an HIV test before submitting themselves to the relationship.
I have seen many of my friends don't have sufficient knowledge about sex... a teenager should have.
Its really awful that we ...I mean the class of people who mainly indulge in early marriages abstain from talking about the issue openly.
I have seen when in biology classes the chapter reproduction is taught teachers also don't find it difficult to explain certain facts.
And of course at homes parents just don't answer to child's queries on the topic.
All these are small reasons which ultimately lead to more amount of people having AIDS.
Why are we making mistakes after mistakes on such serious issues.
Another shocking fact is many of the people belonging to educated class the so called modern class don't even care to do an HIV test before marriage.
They are often busy in matching stars and what heavenly bodies depict about the relationship and financial status equality and so on.
First handle what is on the Earth then go after the universe!!
Huh! then what is the use of superficial modernity.
After all modernity is not in wearing short clothes... wat say?

This post was meant to convey a lot a whole lot!
I hope I have played my part but now it is your turn to please watch the following video and pass on your very valuable comments to me and all who pass by.

Ps:-)The video is about an unfaithful husband.
No its not completely related to my post but has a good message in it. please do watch.

ps:)well I am sorry for the error out there i mentioned the boys age as 18.
and thanx to vishesh for kind of reminding me with his comment. The error is corrected now.


Smriti Srivastava said...

I agree with you on the fact that sex education is almost non-existent in our country...a country which gave Kama-sutra to the world and a country which was a power house for learning since time immemorial (yeah they teach us all about our history of being such great educated people and yet look at our standards now :p)

When it comes to marriage, you can never say that age can determine how mature one is...some 18 yr olds might be more wise than some 30 year olds...anyways you werent pushing that issue in any case so I 'd leave it at it. a matter what the government does with all the education about condoms and promoting it to the core, sad reality remains that we Indians want to live under the facade that we are the best and we know everything there is to know. We think whatever we do, we do it well enough and no one needs to tell us what is for our we learned everything from our mother's womb and landed on the face of this planet. To hell with all that. Why cant we see that we are gunning for the GOLD in the race for "AIDS OLYMPICS" and there's a huuuuge posibility of that happening pretty soon??

Was a nice post on your part. Well intended. Most girls your age still think the word "SEX" as taboo...let alone discuss about it. Anyhow, you are a diff girl ;)

Cheers for sharing your views!! Nice one :)

Hugs n luv >:D<

Hemanth Potluri said...

superb post priya..:)...yup i agree with smriti in the situation wer she says 18 can be more clever then that of 30 ...yes there r situation wer even kids have the ability to understand more then we do..:) per the topic of ..AIDS..its a big menace in the whole country..

ok as per relationship...or even marriage there should be a test conducted wer the cheater wud be comin out..and even people who try to cheat others by saying they r bug free may feel guilty and quit buging gals...

u say r people of ur age like 17 -18 r mature enough to know all these things..yes they certainly r ..and i wud say ...there r people who have affairs also at that age ...even before they totally know wat sex means..and all over the country of US there had been a survey which told that gals before 12th class had sex percentage is u know think r they mature enough to know all the things..?..

anyways being little was nice reading ur post..may be i to should post something like this ...


vishesh said...

well we do discuss such stuff a lot..and the marriageable age for boys is 21 in India! Yes i think people should take the test for their own good....

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Priya,

Another socially conscious message from you.,. Appreciate it.,. :)

The video was awesome and the music too good.,. Liked it.,.

I agree that we still have a long way to go in terms of broadening our outlook... And i wont say thats bad,(talking about Sex,Aids) coz thats how our culture has been for so many years. Those issues are a taboo in our society. The best we can do is to start creating awareness on our own about such topics.,.

I suggest you can join with some of your college and probably work on spreading awareness !! I can help you in the basic planning part.,.

Kudos to you for mentating on something global.,.

Keep Evolving !!

Cheers. :)


Keshi said...

Communication leads to Awareness and Knowledge. If not, we'll never KNOW.

So ur doing a great job here Joyce!


Anonymous said...

Hmm...This has many isues but I’ll try to stick to the point.
I think AIDS spreads because of a feeling in the common people that they possibly could not be affected by it. The feeling is like disbelief in what u dont want to believe.
(hard to imagine that there are people who arent aware, but im not denying its truth,such people are existent).

People need to demean blind trust, be independant and free about topics such a sex and sex education, the conservationism must stop,actually and so must the submission to peer pressure.

I think you did a good deed to talk about this subject, it certainly would spew some sense and concern among some, esp. of those who in their fast track life forget about their own safety.

About modernity:I think the best trend is individuality and throwing away the stereotypes of the society, in being bold (a sense of boldness does come by wearing short clothes, in a country where they are demeaned).

prajyot said...

i agree with u that sex education is least existing in our nation..!!

well what i feel is there should be awareness amoung youths and adults regarding this..

but i blame our younger gen for this as even if there are media,internet and other ways of awareness...we youths dont take it seriously...

Aneesh said...

Well, sex education is another controversial subject. I guess, in some place, they've implemented it and then removed 'coz of a lot of fuss.
Yah,'N taking tests, now a days no one does that, well, may be soon it'll change :)
Great video, enjoyed the song too.

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Priya,

A small correction !!

About the video, you have mentioned its about an unfaithful husband.. Its not that. The husband was loving and caring to his wife., Its just that a rash act which he committed before returned to haunt him later.,. It goes on to show, how a small mistake of someone can ruin his/her family many years later.,.

A good message !! :)

Valash said...

Strange, I did not think about getting an HIV test prior to marriage, but it is very important. I agree sex education is a must.


Me Mini Mini Mouse said...


makes me feel good bout the fact that not everyone is just sittin n cribbin n tht thr r ppl who undrstnd the issues regarn sex education n wnt to do sumthn bout em instead of just passin on the responsibility!!!


The Reluctant Dreamer said...

u know I think you're right about sex education. I do think there are a lot of kids who get it though. People are starting to wake up and see the big picture. Unfortunately, we do have more than a bunch of ignorant wild and willing young minds who need to be educated and we must do our part to do what we can to let them know how sacred the body is.

Glad you are able to stand up and say what's right.

Selerines said...

In India no use of teaching Sex education. These people will always talk about culture and so on. They never bother about future of us...

lukkydivz said...

i knew nothing when i was your age, can u believe it :D

$mit@ said...

a much needed post in todays times!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

the community should wake up to this issue..

people like you should voice out through such blogs..!!

great effort..!!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, aids should be talked about and discussed openly so that young people will know and understand its implications. It's a pity that a high percentage of those who contacted aids do not even know how they got it. It is a modern scourge that has cross the paths of all spectrum of society. We should teach this in school and we should discuss this at home. Thanks for the valuable post. God bless you always.

Priya Joyce said...

@ Smriti;
yes i agree that some are very matura at a very small age also but i was talkong of the whole lot which is not.
then I am happy that you agree with me about the aids menace and thanx for the appreciation .

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

ya about maturity and your agreement to smriti u'll get the answer on my comment to her.
again about relationship i personally think tests won't work as attitude and the value system should be changed.
then again about 17-18 and sex thta is not maturity that is pure pride and show off
and though on most points i disagree i thank u for the comment and appreciation.

Priya Joyce said...

@ vishesh:

thanx for the correction
ya at least selfishly if they test also a lot of AIDS can be prevented.

Priya Joyce said...

@ prashant:
thanx for such nice words yes the video is something i luv too
and yes we need to change our basic rigid mentality and change tats it.


Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

yupp communications rite we need to convey it to ppl.
thanx for the appreciation

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

ya truly said people are not ready to accept the bitter truth that they can also be affected by the disease.
and they don't take measured practically.
yes i agree tat wearing short clothes bringd boldness but my crticism was only for them who appear to be modern only in outwardly appearance ya i like ur point to calculate it as the first step of modernity but some never go further.
thanx for the appreciation.

Priya Joyce said...

@ prajyot:

ya the youth doesn't take it seriously else gets into many wrong paths without even having sufficient knowledge about tat.

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

ya truly people make a lot of fuss on such issues leaving the life and death matters.
ya i hope people soon start testing for hiv.
yupp i too like the video.

Priya Joyce said...

@ prashant:

yes u r rite i already knew that but whatever it is whether long time ago or recently making physical relationship wth other woman is not acceptable at all
tats it

Priya Joyce said...

@ valash :

first of all welcome here
never mind if u did not take but ur kids can be taught na tats wat is important
abt sex education yes its a must

Priya Joyce said...

@ divkiran:

great to see u here after so much of pleading ha ha

and thanx for the appreciation.

Priya Joyce said...

@ the reluctant dreamer:

am glad to see you after so many days and btw ur blog is not getting updated wats the prob?

thans for the point out
luved to hear from you
yes i too think we need to do something on this issue
and thanx for the appreciation dear.

Priya Joyce said...

@ shiva:
if we know about these things only we'd be able to maintain our rich culture. now who is going to make such people understand?

Priya Joyce said...

@ lukky:
yes dear i can believe it and y not many of my friends also don't know in today's times after all u were 17 at least 5 yrs ago na.

Priya Joyce said...

@ $mit@
thanx yes in today's times it's needed really.

btw welcome here keep coming dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ vinu:

yes its high time that the society wakes up yes

and thanx first visit here hmmm!

Priya Joyce said...

@ mel:

yes many who get it donno how do they get it.
its a pity
schools and even parents should take a step further and do so pass on knowledge.

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

seems ill hav 2 cut n paste smriti's comment here!!!

well ill giv a funny add on:

years bak...wen i was a kid...came a time wen govt started de awareness campaigne in full form...!!!
v wer havin lunch...entire family around de dining table...n der came inland carried de 'message: prevent aids use condom'

i shouted "hey waz dis condom??" so loud n evryone was 'glaring' at me...!!! mamma threatenin me 2 put de letter down!!!!!!!!!!

Priya Joyce said...

@ nithin:

haha tats again a comment on a funny note niways wat was ur age then?
tat u did not know about condom.

Kartz said...

Hey.. Good 'un... Good clarity.

Yeah, as one of your readers has correctly pointed out- the land where Kamasutra originated is yet to employ good measures on sex education...


Priya Joyce said...

@ karthik:

yes its a pity.
how sad that our value system is so upside down.
thanx for the comment

Suresh Kumar said...

nicely said, Priya. Love means a lot of responsible things and getting a HIV Test is one of them...

I cud not watch the video bcoz of slow net...