Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Worst day Of My Life!!!!!!!!!!

The day was yesterday. You all might think I was there commenting on your blogs and doing all as I do usually, ..... that was a way of escapism.
what happened was I came online at 2:30 noon yesterday and checked my mail and then went to a famous news site of course, an Indian one. I just typed in "Kandhmal Violence" and an article came up. I scrolled down and went on to read the comments.
As soon as I read the first comment I was in tears. I did not know why they feel like that, they called Christians ..foreigners. I just couldn't take that. Specially a person like me who loves her country so much that she gets tears of happiness in her eyes when the National Anthem is played.
When we go to any foreign country we are called foreigners there and in India also we are called so.
I have often seen when the media covers the Christmas celebrations and so on they show everything as done in Europe. We Indians also have a way to celebrate it.
Many people have wrong conceptions that we kiss right in the church during marriage.
Do come and see a Christian marriage in kerala you would get it.
I don't say that I am against it but I do say why are we criticized of the thing we don't do.
I couldn't sleep yesterday. My dad and mom sat beside my bed and I was so in tears that I couldn't even answer them.
I thought we Indians are the examples of love and brotherhood, but now I feel we are in so much enmity with each other that we don't even hesitate to kill.
The only thing I would like to appeal to all of you is please think when you do something against someone. Please calm down a bit and let your brain act not your heart. Why make a thing like Religion a means of fight. Why to do so?

ps:) this was an honest appeal towards all Indians.
This post's motive is not to raise any communal fight out here in the blogs ville.
Please let me know if any part of my post hurts you.


Hemanth Potluri said...

i read the news yaar...leave out those freaks who call our dear frnds foreigners dont give a damn to them..the news was very bad i to felt soo much for it but i am soo worried abt the revolutions to come...i have been to a kerala and have attended a marriage my frnd ruby and i know the culture its not abt kissin and all...i know ur things yaar..dont worry abt those freaks who talk rubish ...i am always with u priya and u can count on me...i dont call u foreiner dear frnd ur an indian and i love to u have a close indian frnd and pls dont cry makes me senti pls...


vishesh said...

oh don't worry,these people are jobless....they think they know everything...they just don't...i hate it ...

ANWESA said...

hey,priya,cheer up a bit,things r falling back into love,hatred,too,has no boundaries.I
am in the same state n I feel shit about it.All these r apparition of sick minds.No religious scripture preaches violence,only quarrel-mongers do it.

Anonymous said...

first of all, the indian democracy would not be complete without its christians,hindus,muslims,and all other groups...they complete the diversity of India.
Do not be distressed by negative forces, we will fight them, yeah, even if we have to take up arms.
And anybody can kiss, in public or in private, it is not hurting any1 else to watch such a thing, such people are miscreants who are not thriving on communalalism but on politics and they are only able to d so coz of 'instead of' factors in mah new post....
Anyway dear, these people are not worth your tears, your goods will ultimately speak louder than that

Nithin Jayan said... piece of advice is dis stop 'worrying'...a true patriot indeed luvs his nation in his heart...but dis is a BAAD BAAAD world...n all dat u 'gain' wid each drop of tear is an hour or day cut off from yer brief life...(being sad drains life) so stop feelin sad...

Any one can bluff on anythin...never mind...dere shud b atleast half a billion here in dis nation who doesn't care if he/she's a hindu or christian or islam or so....

DONNO which pig head branded christians foreigners,,,hii hi...dat's ridiculous...forget dat dear...
give value 2 words only wen they cum outta de deserved mouths...!!! baaki all bakwaas!!!

;-) n de communal riots thing...der r no true communal riots in India... just manipulated ones...dirty games of power n politics...ask any one wid a trishul or axe sumthin about der religion de teachings...nothin but Fart will cumout...coz it's just adrenaline n nothin else...

I donno how many 'TRUE' hindus or christians or muslims r der here...

n 'kissing' stuff...hmmm...depends upon way people take..cant blame nione fully...

In India evryone is born Indian...sum r 'transformed' into hindus, others christians,muslims big deal...!!! but SOCIETY sucks!!!!

i wud recommend u dis buk: DE 3 mistakes of my life by chethan bhagat

Selerines said...

Nice post friend.... But to say the truth, it is not possible for any one to correct those people.... Because Self Realization is the only solution for all kind of problems.... So feel free and happy.... I can able to feel your pain friend.... What to do God only knows!!1

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Priya,

Surprising to see that you allowed a newspaper article to spoil your day.. . I can recall a thought:

"No one can insult you without your consent"

I agree with you that some people are prejudiced, hence their opinions and their preachings will be inundated by that belief.,. It does not mean that thats the truth.,.

India belongs as much to Christian's,Hindu's, Sikh's, Muslim's and every person who believes in the Indian Dream. There was a similar instance where in people from Eastern part of India, were tabbed by a particular name(iam not able to recall about the name), which was propagated all along.,. At the same time,we had some people who raised voices against that tab, because they are a part of our country. So crying about some opinion by cynics isnt going to change anything , except that you might be giving some extra work to your tear glands,.. :)

Iam sure you must have heard the song from the movie "Border"- Hindustan Hindustan, which captures the essence very well.,. Iam sure you will be able to appreciate it.,.

I would like to share a point, Life/Career/Beliefs all has its own up and down.,. It doesnt mean we look at the 'down' patches and cry over that. Its similar to a rose plant.,. You have the thorns,you have the roses.,. Which one you want, Its your choice.. :)

Ya, i think it might be better to share this article in some social blog networks, so that the awareness might be spread more.,. i know one such place "". Probably you might strike chord with someone.,.

Take Control,


Keshi said...

There r no foreigners on this Earth...just friends waiting to be met.


Smriti Srivastava said...

I can totally resonate with your blog sweetie...When Graham Staines and his two children were burnt alive years ago, I felt such deep shame at the attitude of my "fellow indians"... a man was trying to help and all they cared for was what religion he was from. I mean I was like, what did he or those two poor kids do to you?

However, looking at all of bloggsville, and all the comments here, I can see we have some pretty amazing minds here who understand what is right and wrong...

Cheer up girl, and lets pray for sanity in this world. And oh...I loved what Keshi Commented...couldnt help but agree more :)

Hugs >:D<

Ronald Weasly said...

Hey Priya,

Just happened to come across ur blog...And no other issue could have struck a chord, harder than this one!! I just wish to nod vigorously to everything that everyone else has posted here..n more!... and like you, shed tears in exasperation .. coz something about people's minds is crazy .. pure E.V.I.L !
And I think this evil begins not just with the shameless politicians but US - the common people too!
just scratch the surface of any regular, well educated, well off Indian citizen ... and ask them about the other community "X", n they will talk in such generic terms of alienation and loathing- that will make ur skin crawl! :( :O

Now, personal opinions on any person or community A, B or C are okay- by the principles of dialego - free dialogue a democracy .....
but you will be surprised how many of the suited- booted high collared people mutter things like "they deserve it" - over drawing room discussions, discussing the aftermath of any communal riot ..

And this is true of all communities ,everybody!! ...
prejudice rules :( and it makes my skin cringe in fear n disgust .. coz it is what leads to hateful crimes against humanity and good judgment!

I know I have rambled on beyond reason.. but ur post gave me a vent! ..

I just wanna tell you (and any passing reader)that i am a 21 year old Indian Hindu girl ... and I KNOW why you cried! :(
And I am sorry. For me, for you .. for all of us .. who have a rational conscience n a heart!

Altho, nice blog with a purpose you got here .. like the url too :-)

Peace and God Bless!

Aneesh said...

Christians are foreigners?
Wow! That's a new news for me.
Who the hell are they to decide these?

Indians stand on the basic principle of equality in diversity and it is those who don't accept that who are the real foreigners.

Solitaire said...

Ohh! I am so sorry for what you read. I completely understand your feelings. Please do remember that what you read or hear from others is not the ultimate truth and just the view of a few people. Empty vessels make much noise. People who are in agreement that India is secular and all religions are equally accepted and respected will not say much because they are in harmony! It is only the problem makers who speak too much!

Keshi said...

Come and collect ur award Joyce :)


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Priya,
Don't feel bad my child. Did not the Bible warned us of persecutions? That's understandable because Christianity is a minority religion in India. We should just pray for them so that the Holy Spirit will enlighten them to the truth. You are so sensitive and caring my child. Hush your tears and pray instead. So many miracles are wrought by prayers.
I will also pray for you. Thanks for the emotional post. God bless you always.

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:
thanx for the support dear.
yes now I feel a bit ok.
thanx again

Priya Joyce said...

@ vishesh:
yes u r rite may be tat is the reason.
thanx frnd

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:
yes frnd not all the quarrel mongers only do it.
ya it not in news anymore.

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

yes all your points are very true i pray tat all think like you buddy.

Priya Joyce said...

@ nithin:

thanx frnd for the lovely advice i wud try to follow it.
The emotional side of mine doesn't allow me to do so.
tats it
thanx again frnd

Priya Joyce said...

@ shiva:

ya they have to change by themselves
no one can change their mentality.
tats cumpletely true.
thanx frnd.

Priya Joyce said...

@ prashant:
ya its surprising but you try to place urself in my position then u'll understand wt i feel u know its not completely about violence but it is about how can they think like tat
thanx frnd

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:
ya if tat gets into such ppl's minds then there won't be any quarrel on earth.
it'll take time
thanx frnd

Priya Joyce said...

@ smriti:
ya ya tat case na i remember.
it was so inhuman atleast he should hav been calculated as a human.
thanx for the support and concern dear.
thanx again.

Priya Joyce said...

@ Ronald:

I am really touched with ur comment dear.
I am happy tat in such a post most of the people who hav stood against it r Hihdus.
very happy tat India is still secular.
thanx dear
and welcome

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

ya ya all tats true aneesh.
I got ur point yupp will keep tat in mind next time i feel so
thanx frnd

Priya Joyce said...

@ sol:

ya dear empty vessels make more noise yes true.

and its applicable here also.
am very happy tat so many came to my support.
thans to u too dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ Mel:

yes frnd i 'll try not to feel so ad for such a thing.
thanx for the concern frnd
thanx again:

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

yupp dear hav taken it and will pass on soon.