Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Complete man"........!!!!

So "the complete man".... who is he? The famous set of ads of Raymonds always has these words "the complete man" with its every ad.
Now what does that mean? Does this mean a macho man... a man with strong muscular body, a man who never cries, a man who never expresses his emotions?..... No, it doesn't mean that at all... now lets see the example of a Raymond add....(plot) two men coming back from office suddenly a football comes in front of them both of them go and play with the children and both do it very well. But while returning back the Raymonds fellow becomes popular with the children while the other one is not. This shows the emotional side of the man. Thus it says that this is the real complete man.
What I am actually trying to say through this example is that being a man is not only being muscular but also being a person who is capable to show his emotional side.
Now comes the awful things which men have to face in society.
An ordinary man doesn't cry at all instead suppresses his emotions...why? because of the fear of being insulted.

If a man does all the cooking at home and wife goes and earns then that family specially that man would be insulted like anything. Aren't the husband/wife equals can't the wife earn and husband cook? Again comes stupid and wrong notions of people.

Then in my own native state(Kerala) I have seen this that if men don't keep mustache then you find the them being looked down upon.Not everywhere in Kerala but in some places. And so many people tend to keep mustaches even if they look ugly. Even my cousin wanted to marry a man who has mustache as she believed that mustache means manly huh!!

In Rajasthan I see parents telling their boys don't be like girls don't be scared. Don't help your wife in household works. Even this does not exist everywhere in Rajasthan.

I believe that "the complete man" is the true man and the so called macho man is handicapped without being able to express his emotions.

Isn't the fact another awful thing which exists in our society...?


descrying the shadows said...

he he so true ....
and about the comments made on women ..
this coming from a culture in which you have a Goddess of wealth and a Goddess of knowledge...
not God of wealth and God of knowledge

Aneesh said...

Great to see you back!!

Haha, nice that you came up with a manly problem than the usual problems of women :)
The complete man?? Is there anything like complete, perfect?? Everyone has some imperfection, right?
'N yah, what you said is correct switching the roles is being mocked at.

***she believed that mustache means manly huh!!

Mmm that's a personal choice, I too have girl friends who want their husband to have mustache and that too big ones LOL

ANWESA said...

well,a complete man is one who recognizes the fact that women make him complete.A simple rule,right!!!

Smriti Srivastava said...


AND I cant help but echo "descrying the shadows"...

Yep, for me a real man is the one who is true to himself and one who can do the right thing at the right time and not hesitate to do it. And its a silly notion that men shud not cry....every human are not "super-men". In fact, I like men who can show their emotions just the way they feel it...even if it means crying... (now now I didnt particularly did Sreesanth crying during IPL mind you...but otherwise yeah)...Shows a sensitive side to them.

Nice post..u r blogrolled.. so will be peeping often... :)

Cheers and hugs >:D<

Priya Joyce said...

@ siddharth:

Abt women I really feel that ppl need to change their outlook towards them.
And abt Gods and Goddesses I wud say only 1 thing that many ppl these days just show off religious feelings. I say this coz they kill ppl and then go and donate something in sum religious place.So we cannot expect ppl to change on tat accounts.

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

thanx dr
may be its coz men hav very less problems. And tats true also
Nopes complete doesn't mean perfect but it just means a man we prefer the best ever u see!
yupp tats true
Its not merely choice dr pride also attached wth it coz she thot wat will ppl say if I don't marry a manly man a moustached man huh
I don't like this attitude of women.
ur frnds want big moustaches for their partners? ha ha lol

Priya Joyce said...

Yes dear that is completely true and don't forget the vice versa


Priya Joyce said...

men are not "super-men".

yupp tats the point they r also human beings wth all emotions like us . Crying part is not reserved for women.

And abt sree I wud agree.
but really don't know wat he went thru just know the slap thing.

thanx and welcome dear

Hemanth Potluri said...

gr8 ur bac for the post...I dont think there is so called complete man at all..

**mustache means manly

some people actually believe this in the south and go for those ...

***boys don't be like girls don't be scared

telling does not make them hero's or not frightned ...its only belief...


P.S: ur tagged..

Archana said...

True..our society has weird notions when it comes to "macho" men...the mush especially...haha!

Your profile says you are just 17...for a 17 yr old,what you've written in your blogs is very impressive..i like the maturity!...keep it going gal...good job! :)

Nithin Jayan said... baak....c'mon lez fight again...!!!

1) no honey...'ordinary' men do cry in inhibitions...but it won't b like.."mommieeeee he squashed ma tail" but 4 a reason....y 'shame'? it's human...

2)de cookery:yeah it's a controversial stuff...EGO clashes r natural...a working spouse n cookin husband is a plate 4 'quarrel kadai'

3)MOUSTACHE: hOW DARE ye...hi hi...tell me which nook of Kerala harbours such pig-heads...I rarely hear dat...u sure people r luked down upon??? n yeah...more testosterone more hair...!!! ;-)
But being Macho doesnt deprive one of emotions or cripple him....


Matangi Mawley said...

:).. reminds me a friend- he said tht raymond took a survey to find out why ppl wear raymond.. a guy said- look impressive.. girl- look graceful.. a homosexual says- to become a complete man! strange though! :)
good post!

mirror image said...

Ya i agree with you in that emotional aspect balances the macho part. You need to have a balance in your personality.

vishesh said...

hmm...i didnt get you wrong and i wasn't refering to the machos in the last post :) true...everyone has emotions...but then what i meant by refering to cowardice in the last post was,those men not feeling safe ,i.e. insecure etc...

Dhananjay Kumar said...

very nice articulated.. really
as a Man, I belive in showing emotion . If you dont show emotion .. it dos nt mean u r man .. it means u r emotionless.

I think a man if tearing in movie. it means he is very emotional..

A man does like a girl and girl is saying .. I have some one special in my life before you and then after also he continue to adore her, care her .. love her ... it means he is a man ...

If we see all GOD .. most of then did not have MUSTACHE ... cum omn all they are man ....

I think definition of man is to redifine.. what u say Priya ????

Selerines said...

This is the worst thing tat many people are following here.... What's wrong in helping wife in household works????? I don't feel any thing wrong in that.... Sharing of work is not bad...

Anonymous said...

such a notion is the most awful stereotype a society can make...demean it for urself at all costs

Prashant Sree said...

The complete man is the one who dresses up completely.,. Well, the answer is not simple as that. :) What you had said about the man playing football and ends up being closer to kids. That was a advertising strategy used by Raymond to emphasis that people wearing Raymond,though being a high class can connect to anyone...

In case of your point of why Men are not allowed to cry, its being from time-immemorial that Men have been considered of a source of strength and support. I wont say its a wrong notion but rather a pre-conceived notion and an inherent mind set in people's mind. Let me ask you a Q here. Suppose you have a person for a friend and he always has a dolorous face, do you think you will held him in good regard. Your notion will be that he is a loser, who is not capable of handling his own self. Thats the reason boys are brought up with the belief that they shouldnt cry.,.

I agree with your point that a complete man is someone who is complete in himself in all spheres, physically, mentally and spiritually. The crap Macho man concept doesnt charm girls as in the past ;).

Anyhow, was a good article to read and debate. Keep Blogging. :)

Alvia said...

heya thanx 4 d comment...

nd yea i dont have 2 mention...Ur blog has its own gr8 identity...Loved ur concepts...u have a gr8 way 2 Go:)

Keep writing..! will love 2 read more 4m u nd der u go into my personla bookmark list:)

Keshi said...

A complete man is one who realises there's no complete man. lol!


Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth;

yupp there's no complete man tats true but the man close to the complete man is the man I mentioned
ha ha tag will do it soon dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ archana:

thanx dear i am happy tat u like it.
thanx agn keep visiting

Priya Joyce said...

@ nithin:

hmmm fight wow I like it

so mustache do u know wat u r saying hmmm so wen men cry they don't think or wat that wat will ppl think against me hmmm?

and gosh u agree wth me on 1 pt atleast wow!

hmmm yupp dear kerala has such ppl i 'll show u .

hey me not kidding here lol

Priya Joyce said...

@ matangi:

ooho yupp tats strange very but r we sure we r normal or r they the normal beings out here i mean the homosexuals.

welkum here keep visiting dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ MI:

yupp there u go hmmm so u agree wow I too believe every man is a mixture of both after all sex is a continuum

Priya Joyce said...

@ vishesh:

sorry dear to get u rong

yupp emotions r a part of life.

Priya Joyce said...

@ DJ:

thanx dear true ti's very true u hav raised a good point there.
liked it. redefinition is needed. for sure.

Priya Joyce said...

@ shive aka selerines:

yupp wats rong in it i donno wen is it gonna change.
thanx dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi :

yupp ti's one of the most awful stereotypes society can make poor men how much they suffer.

Priya Joyce said...

@ prashant:

only thing and my only answer to all ur big jot down is the very last point on wich u agree and btw thatx for spending so much time on ma blog i luved ur blog too have brolled u

Priya Joyce said...

@ alvia:

Awww so sweet of u to say tat dear.

though a personal blog i luved urs too.

Priya Joyce said...

@ keshi:

hmmm watt lol its a serious post dear.

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