Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rape .... a discussion!!!!

Rape ...what is it? It is just having a forced sexual intercourse with a girl. No. It is not it is actually more a mental harassment than a physical one. Now why am I saying like this. So let me make it clear to you ..... so, rape first of all the girl who is raped is not mentally very fine she feels very sad that someone used her. So over that what do people do ..... they say all sorts of things like
"she must have attracted that boy, this had to happen because she was such a girl all her friends were boys Kya ek acche ghar ki ladki ko ye sab shobha deta hai ( does a girl of a good family indulge in all this)". You must have seen in documentaries, films and don't please think filmy world is all fake.
Actually to say that the man is wrong is also not correct as everybody gets attracted to the forbidden fruit.
And since here girls are not so so outspoken and so so i call the girls the forbidden fruit.
Don't we need a culture where the male population lives in such a situations where they have the ability to suppress the inner desire of wrong. I don't say all males are not able to do so but those who are not it is for them.


Hemanth Potluri said...

need some time to ans this give me some 18hrs will be bac with articles :)...


Aneesh said...

Suppressing the inner desires? Good choice :)

BTW, what about fake rape? Just for getting publicity or money, there are publicized rapes which were fakes!!

vishesh said...

hmm...Priya the first step i think in solving this is doing what you have done here,talk about it....As you said in our country ppl shy away from such topics,so it is better to force people into noticing such topics...As a boy it is tough for me to relate with what a girl goes through..but the social pressure and the bad talk i can identify with..we need to talk to ppl affected and help the come out of for being used,i see a lot of people being used...not only sexually but in so many ways....but sexually using someone is a cowardly just shows such men cannot face themselves...

mirror image said...

Well, first of all rape is not a subject of science like maths, we cannot rationalize it. We cannot pinpoint any particular reason or types of man or situations leading to this "crime" It is related to psychology and no one could ever predict that such and such type of persons are rapists. On the other hand, as evident it is an act of forced intercourse; it has to do with the very instincts of man. Since there has been no change in the DNA of humans since past 2 million years, the beast easily pops out from the soft shield and covering of civilized behavior. The same goes with crime and other things. Most of the rapists feel after committing, that they have done wrong. They curse the moment. However this is not so with the planned rape or crime. here the motive is harrassment, insult, revenge anything. A psychologist has said -"every man is a probable rapist."

Dios Vengador said...

The Truth is Out There.

Ashima said...

Whatever it is I think rape is only the fault of the boy and not a girl.
Tats truly my opinion.

Edna said...

I think Priya you have brought out the hidden aspect of such incidents.
Yes it is true that culture influences people a lot and so we need to build a culture where forbidden fruit is no longer a forbidden one.

I really can't believe that you have written this.
After all you are the same little daughter for me even now.

Keshi said...

Sex is so taboo in some countries...therefore men r so depressed and sexually frustrated. And RAPE occurs.

Look at Middle Eastern countries...ppl r not allowed to even talk abt Sex! I read that some brave Iraqi lady is now doing a talk show on TV just to educate ppl abt Sex and advice on their sexual problems. And thats great.

I think the problem lies in Attitudes..they need to change first. And if that happens there will be less sexual crimes in future.

Great post!


Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

sum time now its 6 days dr ha ha

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

yupp thanx dr

yupp these days everything happens
controversies God so many
I don't know why these ppl get saved by the soc. sword and not the ordinary ppl.
Is being ordinary bad?

Priya Joyce said...

@ vishesh:

yes that's completely true we need to first make ppl talk of it then only can the real change come.

And about men being cowards can't say
coz I think u say tat coz u think of the macho type man.
yupp read my next post

liked ur comment niway

Priya Joyce said...

@ mirror image:

thanx for jotting down such a descriptive pt.

**It is related to psychology and no one could ever predict that such and such type of persons are rapists

u say this.... my post is whole about changing the psychology only.
Wat changes the psychology the society the atmosphere we live in and so we need to enhance a society where seeing women and being wth them is common so no forbidden fruit thing. anymore.

Priya Joyce said...

@ dois:

language probs dear

Priya Joyce said...

@ ashima:

dear u r a lil rude frnd

And i think it not actually anybody's fault tats it its all society which makes it a big fault.

Priya Joyce said...

@ mom;

now u say the true thing.

BTW u praising me na ha ha

lil daughter thanx mum

Priya Joyce said...

**I read that some brave Iraqi lady is now doing a talk show on TV just to educate ppl abt Sex and advice on their sexual problems. And thats great.

yupp really great

and attitude yes tats also another important factor out there

thanx buddy

Anonymous said...

I laudle you greatly for writing this...its because of this conservative society that evils like rape are there.
And the blame is laid on the girl! thats stupid BIG TIME...
Why should she not wear a mini skirt when she feels like it? Why should she cover herself up 'properly'? Its the guy's matter that he's being attracted and not the girls concern...why does society lay the rule upon the girls...
so MANY stereotypes are laming our society, and thats why we call the girl the forbidden fruit...hell yeah...coz we feel that guys always have to make the first move
I'm so glad that people like you are there on blogger, I also target an audience(its only onw or two ppl) but is in a different way,thats wy im on the internet,in the furst place...anyways...will be writing more abt it when in my nxt post

each one teach one...and so we can dream of a good world

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

thanx dear for so much praise.
I am happy that all the adolescents are not just running after worldly things and selfish life.there r ppl like you too,
Abt the topic I wud only say tat all society shud be built in such a way which helps men to control such desires coz stopping forcefully doesn't always work.