Saturday, December 20, 2008

I love my state...and so all states are my state ..huh!

So today I am discussing something which really can make you ponder....

I would ask you all a question...

All places in India suppose..becomes one..I mean if for example all the states become like any one state then what would be the situation?

Here I see many people who want to make this place as their native state...they still eat the specialties of their place they wear what they used to in their native states..huh!

I am not saying that when you go to live in a different place you need to forget your native state once in a while you can have all like you have it at your place but not always...

what do you think in this aspect??


nikkita said...

the post brings in some memories from 'chak de'..the sequence where the gurls are asked for intro..n the dialogue....
"INDIA..iske alawa na koi naam mujhe sunai dete hai na koi state mujhe dikhai dete hai.."
seriusly yaar..i believe its all one state one family..
if i am a rajasthani..cant i like south indian dishes? or gujrati dhokla..if i am a north indian..will rasgulla(sweet) be any less tasty...
the answer is NO and so is the answer to ur ques...NO...
keep posting..

nikkita said...

heyy..thanx a lot..critize i can..but to whom...on one hand..we say that these politicians aint fit for new india..we want the someone who can understand us better and so why do we expect them to do anything..even like bringing a revolution...
all that i believe is why cant i be the change i want to see in the world??
thanx for encouragement..

Hemanth Potluri said...

gr8 post priya has to one state india...and mostly r my frnds :)..


Anonymous said...

May be as human beings the first thing we crave for is "identity" and when it comes in clothes , customs and language it gives a sense of completeness ....when we realize that is superficial, like u said we all will live in one world , as one race

Kartz said...

I cannot even think of something like that. Acclimatizing in a new place is a novel experience. And one must learn to feel at home wherever they are. In my opinion, if India were to be "one" state, it would be pretty boring.

India is characterized by diversity; something which makes her a class apart. And so it shall be. Period.


Anonymous said...

Dear Priya,
Nice to see your posts.

Brought-up and habits play the major role here.

It would be good, if you could become a perfect example of a good human being.

Can you think how a perfect human being could be?

I guess your thinking towards this question may provide you answers to many of your questions which are written in your blogs !

Warm Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking Priya, I do not see any central idea in this post, it is a bit contradictory mate...

Our art must not be influenced by our traditions. But that also implies not believing in Rome as Romans do.
If you like something from them, imbibe it, but influencing yourself for others is the worst way to express yourself.

India is a diverse country, and I prefer to think in terms of every indvidual rather than states.
At the same time, the formation of states is a technical necessity and promotes development.

Anyone can speak and eat and dress that way they like uncaring for any traditions at all.Loss or Gain of Traditions must never be any issue at all.

Priya Joyce said...

@ nikku:

yes tats completely true..It has kindaa brot out the othr aspect of it

tat behaving like ur native state's culture in some other place is actually wat do we call it in hindi..BHEDBHAAV

Priya Joyce said...

@ nikks:

my pleasure dear!

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

thanx a lot re

Priya Joyce said...

@ aparna:

I juss loved the way u said it


I completely agree all this is superficiality and nothing else..

Priya Joyce said...

@ kartz:

yes I agree...but wat I see here is just the opposite

Priya Joyce said...

@ Anonymous(srinivas)

Hmmm So you want me to say that I am not perfect and no one can be...yes sure I agree but in that way if you look then murder terrorism rape..all are just imperfections in different people.

niway loved to argue on that

keep coming

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

arre nahi gal that is not my idea re...I just wanted to say that here I have seen some people who live in here but still carry all the specialties of there state and don't even try to adapt the cultures of the new place so very wat to say I get so annoyed wth such ppl..its not about oneness its about adjustment and whu adjustment...its abt underestimating this place tats bad

Anonymous said...

Dear Priya,
I really do not argue, as I have done ample in the past and found it doesn't help much !

I jus want to say that everybody should have much of acceptance and tolerance level, which brings lot of changes in many ways. These changes may not been seen immediately however you can experience them in long run.

Best wishes !


Aneesh said...

Well, I should say it's a personal thing. Some might be comfortable with the way they grew up and they might not want to change at all..