Monday, July 7, 2008

"Got to become a college girl tomorrow"....!!!!!!!!

Dear friends after a 40 day long journey of continuous posting its time to become weekly in my postings. This change has occurred because now after 3 months and eight day long holiday I also have to go. Holidays seemed boring but now that they have come to an end I feel sad. Ne’er mind that’s life.

The week from tomorrow being the first week in college I would take time to adjust to the atmosphere. Rest depends on the schedule.
So keep visiting friends to see some of my previous posts.
Though I won’t be posting daily but do expect me on Sundays.

Meet you all on Sunday same time same place till then " Phir milenge, Verute, see you soon"
Your friend


Keshi said...

Have fun then n keep writing :)


Good News Bearer said...

All the best!!

regarding my commment.. it's o.k. i will be putting it in some blog soon.:)

joiedevivre said...

i had already given you list of imprtnt things for colg..huh
so if you need sumthing else..m just a mail away..
wish u al d bst...hav a rockin day!!!

shobhna said...

@ keshi
Thanks 4 the comment
Will try 2 have fun.

shobhna said...

@ GNBearer
Thanks for taking it sportingly
Ye I need a lot of luck wishes

shobhna said...

@ neha
Thanx buddy
I would surely consider ur point. will surely ask if help needed.

Hemanth Potluri said...

all the best for the college yaar..keep blogin wen ever u find time to ..dont forget ;)..


Dhananjay Kumar said...

You write good girl....

I m DJ work in trivendram ...
just found ur blog...

I am relatively new blogger ..only posted 2 posts..
I want , sorry I have a req that if u cld , plz give ur valuable comment on my blog ,.,

shobhna said...

@ hemanth
Thanx frnd
how can I forget all ma online buddies that will ne'er happen.

shobhna said...

@ DJ I'll surely visit u.

Aneesh said...

Enjoy your college days
Study Well
Be a good girl :)

All the best!!

shobhna said...

@ aneesh

Thanx 4 the best wishes.

Wat do u mean by be a gud girl. I'm already one. don't u think so.

just kidding!!

Saranya said...

Shobhna, all the very best for ur college studies. Have fun!! :)

shobhna said...

@ saranya

thanx buddy

will try

jayant said...

hope you have a nice college life.I'm a studying not too far away from you,in manipal,karnataka and i can tell you that I've had the best days of my life in college,even better than the school days..
keep posting.

shobhna said...

@ jayant

thanx for the comment
I guess u r rite but the first day is wat scares me.

Hemanth Potluri said...

hey how was ur day in the collge hope u had fun ...just find me a gal frnd if u could ..heheh lol ..just kiddin ..have fun keep smiling have a gr8 day..

Priya Joyce said...

Thanx hemanth

I'll try

kidding frnd

Hemanth Potluri said...

hey ur keepin so many blogs u got lot of patience ...just kiddin...i want a cute and beautiful gal like u so ..u have to see for me..


Aneesh said...


Yah, that's what I meant, you are a good girl and keep it that way :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh I was just kidding frnd nothing serious.

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

I think u know better whom u want. and advice is don't always go after beauty and cuteness go 4 some sense.

Hemanth Potluri said...

i dont go for beauty or sense ..i go person who cares...and may i find one..

urs ..hemu..

mirror image said...

few imp things for u 2 remember for college:
1. Dont take bags, books, or a writing copy with you.
2. Avoid taking pen or anything to write.
3. Dont forget your mobile (if you have 1) or your walkman with u and if you dont have either, take cotton balls (for ears).
4. memorize plenty of jokes and things like that.
5. Try to make a caricature of your not-so-fav professor and stick on the noticeboard.
6. And last but not the least dont forget your wallet, (canteen waale ne udhaar nahi diya to)

Priya Joyce said...

@ mirror Image thanx frnd

thanx for the tips luved to read it. All these things are the ones I did in sec school it was like college only except 4 the bag.

Arun PK said...

entering college?? i envy uuu!! i finished college in 2006 n I'm still miss every bit of it.. good luck to u n have a blast..!!

Priya Joyce said...

@ arun wat u envy me.
no use u can't do anything about it.
but I am not so exited as I enjoyed college in sec school only.
lets see.
wen I leave collg only I will feel sad until then no disappointment.
thanx frnd

Viajero said...

so wer did u join? my colg life was exactly the opp of wat mirror image said except for hvn a cell and a wallet..... i still carry my bag to wrk...its pretty easy, comfy and gud :)

Priya Joyce said...

@ viajero:

I think MI was just kidding coz without bag and buks its not possible 2 go to an educational institution. Ni way my reply was wat we did in kv it was 4 us more a college than a school.
thanx 4 ur comment frnd thank god tat u r back finally wth those quests.