Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love you but can't marry you..sorry!!

After seeing the title you all might surely think that this is about how people get cheated in love.
No it is not.. you all have misunderstood it completely..

So let me proceed with what it really is...

You must have seen in films that the hero and the heroine have to face so many obstacles to marry their love...but at last they do you think it happens in real life? No it doesn't really doesn't.

As we all know that love just happens its kind of out of our consciousness...I know here I sound stupid...but isn't that the truth....

what I am trying to say is people fall in luv..many do..but does the society accept them if they aren't of the same caste and same religion and many other bloody similarities...It sounds a bit idiotic to me that when two people are in love then why the hell are they stopped to marry...

The beautiful feeling becomes a curse for all...ah! in that case we should all fall in love only after knowing the details of the person.....why don't people look for a nice human being rather than looking for the person of same caste or religion...

I don't think God has any problem if people of two different castes marry

Most awful!!


SMRITI said...

PJ...I remember becoming a reader of your blogs when I read an entry in "That's Awful". :) And with every read, I see the mature side of the cherubic, innocently sweet PJ :)

Coming to the blog post...hell yeah. I think a thing as simple as love is the most over-rated thing. Three of my cousins got married for love in this year, to people of different castes and background...sure they didnt check those immaterial details before they fell in love...just like you say. While two marriages went on smoothly without much opposition on either bride or groom side, one had hitches.

The first of these three marriages took place in a very filmy style with my cousin bro getting married in court with the girl he loved, without the parents of either one knowing. Of course, me and a few other cousins were involved in getting them hitched n being the witnesses to the wedding. Once the parents were told, all hell broke loose. Shouting, name calling. In the end, after a lot of drama, it was settled and a "proper marriage", for the society to acknowledge that they were husband-wife, was held early this year. Phew!! Why cant a simple thing as love be simple?? :)

vishesh said...

Well i don't really care,as long as i am in love with the person :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

no idea..:P...have to think it out a lot :)..


Anonymous said... mean the sky daddy? lol!

Why give a fuck to anyone else in love? What you do is YOUR matter, even your family has no rigt to 'expect'

I think its the 'expectation' trouble that grips our soceity so much...eww...and i know its har to get over it... evenwe have some of it...

like its said in bhagwa geeta yeh know: not your righ to expect fruits for ur actions, do them, simple. :)

im in a hurry, cant form my thoughts in better words lol..byeee

nikkita said... long as i love the person..who cares..what part of the society they belong to..
"its not about wat he love him for what he is.." rite??
n well..i feel...its not Gog who has divided us..its we humans..

its God..who and forgives..
n man..its man who gets...gets and forgets..!!!!


p.s.~ i guess u missed "last wish"..a beautiful my blog..check it out..i hope ul like it!

Prashant Sree said...

Rather to blame the Society, the real culprit will be the ones who make it up... Still, as people like you began to awaken to the fact that there s more to it than what meets the surface, i believe a idealistic society is not very far ;)

Nice post !!

Suresh Kumar said...

To be very honest with you, I am stuck in such a scenario. And so is my hero Prem da.

It is not that easy specially where one comes from a highly orthodox and tradition upper caste which holds high esteem in the temple politics etc.

Definitely not as you see. Even if they do marry against their parents will. What abt tomorrow when the boy has a financial difficulty or the girl needs medical attention during her pregnancy. Then who will come forward. Then what abt the child that is born. He needs someone to call Granny and Grandpa... rite ?

Think abt it. So parents has to be convinced b4 proceeding. We can't take chance saying that later they will come to us.

Don't jump into the circus of family life until you are completely convinced that you can give her and the future child a good life.

ANWESA said...

a marraige needs to work,rite?n 4 it 2 work,d 2 partners need 2 hav sum kinda similarity.n its gud if de can understand each uders differences.on a personal level,i dont think "love" marraiges r better,but then it may work 4 ppl.
(I'v just attended a weddin of a marathi boy n odia gal.)

aqua gurl said...

wow...your title got me to finally visit your blog....!!

Experienced something really similar in the past few weeks...

people fall in love but sometimes they dont marry the same person coz of family restraints...thts wht ive seen...!!!

Karthik said...

The laws support the fact that an adult couple cud get a court marriage done if families are not in agreement.

With increase in the education rate and changing living standards love marriages are gradually finding their place.

Though the couples usually face negative response frm their families if they are too orthodox and traditional and sometimes even religious groups.But hey times ARE changing.

I would never want to marry someone my parents picked out. I would never want to marry someone I’d barely met. marriage is simply about property and children, then this is fine. But it should be about more than that. There is such a thing as love and attraction; I don’t understand why some cultures try to suppress or ignore those things.

Aneesh said...

**do you think it happens in real life? No it doesn't really doesn't.

Well, I think it does happen. I know lot of my friends, even after having lot of obstacles, finally got married. Most of them have been accepted by their parents, but some are still not accepted. But, not all times, it happens in real life, that is correct.

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

:-( no contradictions.Notable facts r -a number of love marriages fail (end in divorces), then comes a large number of tiny yet prickin problems that love married couples de religion of their kid (if parents r of different religion)

Vamsi said...
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Anonymous said...

:)yup the god definitely is not going to have any problem.......

Kiran Sawhney said...

you have a point here. Love based on caste, religion etc. but it transcends all the barriers and it should.

Kartz said...

Hmmm... It all boils down to mentality.

A few months back. A person who commented one of my posts on religion said tht he was a Hindu and his wife, a Muslim.

I think... That pretty much sums it up. It is all about 'acceptance'. And thinking rational.

I dunno abt 'God'. See... I ve different views. Don't wanna deviate.


There you go again with 'sky daddy'... :p"

Alien said...

Oh yeah . . . it seems so many of these so-called "elders" still have a backward, feudal mindset when it comes to the marriage of their children . . . the sooner they reform, the better it would be for them!

Anonymous said...

Tum apni choti si toungue andar hi rakho...! Lol!

Hari said...

The same feeling which i have in my mind is been written by you. I have many of my friends parent was against their love. Whats wrong in one men marrying another women. In other countries they are going ahead say gay marriage but still in India we face bloody caste problems.

Again, i feel bad thinking about why my country people is like this.

Hari said...

BTW i like you blog post and the topics discussed here. My blog

Priya Joyce said...

@ smriti:

thanx for such sweet words dear

ahhh yes...y can't it be.??

I donno y people don't oppose other social evils..huh!..
inappropriately yucky!!

Priya Joyce said...

@ vish:

lets see..tat..tell me for sure wen u r in luv..:P

Priya Joyce said...

@ hemanth:

haha yess sure

Priya Joyce said...

@ ayushi:

hmmm...I feel that many do better that they don't..but wen will it happen??

quest quest and quest


Priya Joyce said...

@ nikku:

hey dear..tats a cool comment.yes its all true...I agree to it..but will ppl change accordingly?

will they?

yeah I am cuming

Priya Joyce said...

@ prashant:

thanx for the appreciation..friend..

yes I hope I can reely do sumthing in this field

Priya Joyce said...

@ suresh:


I liked ur comment..

But friend I feel I don't wan't them to marry against the parent's will
I want their parents to agree and giv permission..y so much bloodshed on this matter?

Priya Joyce said...

@ anwesa:

yes true...but if they r one in heart then y differences by caste and religion?

oh wow

Priya Joyce said...

@ aqua gurl:

welcum here dear

yes me too..separated coz of family restrictions


Priya Joyce said...

@ karthik:

I salute ur views....nice thoughts

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

wow I wud love to meet ur buddies...

who married tat way..and take their autograph :)

I am not kidding

Its like a alien in news here
:) huh!

Priya Joyce said...

@ kochu:

its not because they r love marriages that they end in divorces...but rather because mostly love marriages occur between people who met in collg or working they r kind of ego creeps in...

here I don't mean tat arrange marriages ren't like tat..rarely but
and religion..days hav cum wen u find ppl adopting the religion of choice..not only father's if parents follow diff religions..

Priya Joyce said...

@ all :

will cum bakk and reply soon

Priya Joyce said...

@ aparna:

yes dear


Priya Joyce said...

@ kiran:

yes shud..and there shud be no question over it


Priya Joyce said...

@ kartz:

wat happens is sometimes..people fear the society..a lot..though they mite hav no probs wth the marriage..

nyway wth society mentality matters
so i agree


Priya Joyce said...

@ alien:

yeah! Ii agree the anger bomb is gonna explode soon

Priya Joyce said...

@ hari:

yes..u feel bad..tats the very first step..think what u can do..

yes u can change at least ur surroundings.

try to fight for ur rights...

nice to see ya here friend..keep coming

Aneesh said...

haha, May be when your time comes, you can be an alien LOL howzzat?

Priya Joyce said...

@ aneesh:

haha sure..y not...